Printable Activity Dice to keep kids happy at home

May 5, 2020Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Things To Do

If you’re having trouble thinking up new ideas to entertain your little ones, we’ve got you covered. To keep your kids busy during lockdown, we’ve designed these easy-to-use activity dice. These dice can be printed, coloured in and stuck together to provide hours of fun at home.

To use, simply:

  1. Print off the dice on A4 paper.
  2. Cut out around the outline of the template.
  3. Colour in the squares in your favourite colours. 
  4. Fold along each line and glue the tabs together to form a cube.
  5. Take turns to roll the dice and complete the activity written on the side facing upwards. 

Stay at Home  Scavenger Hunt

This dice is perfect for those afternoons when the kids have a bit too much energy and nowhere to go to burn it off. Packed with little adventures for them to complete around the house, this dice will keep their minds occupied and engaged until tea time. 


Stay at Home Dice 


Use this dice to find your next at-home activity. If you’re feeling tired or uninspired, simply roll, follow the instructions and enjoy! 

We hope that you have fun using these activity dice! If you do, please tell us about it on social media, we love seeing how you’re all staying entertained at home. 

With love, 

My 1st Years x