Personalised keepsake gifts that parents will love

October 3, 2021Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration, Gifts

When it comes to baby’s first year, the right keepsakes can make all the difference. You hear it all the time but the years really do fly and all of a sudden that baby isn’t so tiny anymore; this is where keepsakes come in. Whether it’s a specially designed photo album filled with pictures of their first smile or a special box to keep their first pair of socks safe, a personalised keepsake really is the perfect gift to give new parents in those early weeks when they can’t possibly believe that their tiny baby won’t be quite this tiny forever. This way these momentos will always be there to look back on, no matter how big little ones become.

Photo Frames 

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a photo frame filled with photos is obviously priceless. Marvel at just how tiny newborn hands can be with a personalised baby handprint frame and watch as they grow from a fresh new arrival, learn to sit up on their own and become an adorable one year old with their own 1st year photo frame. Whatever you choose, we think that these frames look best displayed in pride of place for a keepsake that is guaranteed to make every guest say “aww!” 

Keepsake Boxes 

There are so many little bits and pieces that can mean a lot to parents during their children’s early years. From the hospital bracelet that their baby wore after birth, to the newspaper front page from the day they were born, these small momentos represent such significant memories. Instead of an old shoe box that could easily get confused with an actual pair of trainers, a keepsake box is an effective and adorable way to keep all of those little souvenirs safe and in one place. Choose from one of Disney’s classic characters or everyone’s favourite silly old bear, Winnie the Pooh, to keep everything very well organised without any fuss. For perhaps the most precious (and important) of baby’s early keepsakes, Disney’s Dumbo is here to keep their birth certificate safe and sound. 

Record Books 

When it comes to children’s early development, no milestone is too small to be remembered. In fact, we would argue that the tinier the tot, the bigger the moment. If you or someone you know has recently welcomed a new baby to the world and are slowly losing those first few months in a fog of sleepless nights and early feeds, a record book is full of ideas and prompts to make sure that those early moments are remembered forever. Transform a simple record book into a scrapbook of photos and written messages and treasure memories of those wild early days of parenting in a jungle-themed book. Create a thoughtful gift for new grandparents with a classic baby photo album and record every milestone in a unique book with plenty of space for pictures.  


For something a bit more sparkly, it’s impossible to go wrong with a piece of jewellery – after all, is there anything more precious than a new baby? A personalised pendant necklace, engraved with a message to represent the bond between parent and baby is the ultimate keepsake that can be treasured everyday – and you can add baby’s birthstone to make it even more personal. As little ones get older, they can share a matching locket with another loved one so that they can carry that love with them wherever they go. 

Baby’s 1sts  

When it comes to keepsakes, sometimes it really is the everyday items that mean the most. From the blanket that they’re wrapped up in to come home from the hospital, a pair of shoes that baby wears to take their first steps to the only toy that can comfort them in the middle of the night, it will be these that parents will come back to when their little one isn’t so little anymore. And when they no longer need their music box to play for their afternoon naps and they’re moving on from their xylophone to a proper piano, these toys can be transformed into easy decor or kept safe and passed down to future generations when your own baby starts to have babies of their own. After all, a keepsake isn’t just for those first years, it’s for forever. 

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