Perfect Gifts for Leo Babies

August 7, 2015Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration, Uncategorised

Being the month of Leo children, August seems like the perfect time to celebrate all the things that make our little Nalas and Simbas so unique. To compliment this exciting zodiac period, we’ve picked some of our favourite Leo-related gifts which have proven exceedingly popular with little ones. Which one is your pick?

An obvious start, our delightful Circus Wall Stickers, £20 and Safari Animal Toothbrush Timers, £5 feature equally adorable lions which embody the lively Leo spirit. Friendly, colourful and oh-so clever.

Leos cherish all of those around them, and you will find they make friends exceedingly easily as others are drawn to both their warm temperament and insatiable zest for life. Our fantastic Pop Art Cushions, £15 and eye catching Personalised Gym Bags, £15 perfectly capture their cheerful nature…

…whilst our Because I Have A Brother Print and No Best Friend Like A Sister Print – both £18 – personify the value they place on forming long lasting relationships with others.

Of course, what little lion doesn’t crave their own kingdom to rule over? Leos are no different to their namesake animal in that respect – but they still want others to share their success with them. Our regal Castle Playhouse, £70 and Black and White Striped Tent, £75 are a brilliant way for them to be kings and queens of their own castle, whilst enjoying hours of games with their very best buddies.

Does your little lion cub adhere to their star sign characteristics, or are they more of a Virgo? Let us know in the comments below!

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