Pancake Topping Ideas in Time for Pancake Day

February 27, 2017Food & Drink, Lifestyle, Uncategorised

In case you haven’t been to a supermarket recently and seen the abundance of discounted frying pans, lemons and ready made pancake mix available, we thought we’d remind you that pancake day is tomorrow! The tradition of eating pancakes on Shrove Tuesday started in the 18th Century and is still as popular today – well who doesn’t love pancakes? If you’re feeling a little uninspired by how to serve your pancakes tomorrow, check out our toppings ideas.

– The Traditional –

Credit: Pinterest (Via Eat Little Bird)

Sometimes there is nothing better than the original! If you’re looking for something simple then add a dash of lemon and a sprinkle of sugar for a tangy, sweet treat the whole family will love.

– The Tasty Treat –

Credit: Pinterest (Via So Feminine Uk)

If your little ones have a sweet tooth (or you like to use that as an excuse to over-indulge) then we love going for a chocolatey treat! Either smothering your stack in Nutella or melted chocolate and finishing with a scoop of their favorite ice-cream or whipped cream. This is a naughty but oh-so-nice treat for after dinner – but be prepared for the sugar high!

– The Healthy Version –

Credit: Pinterest (Via Sainsburys)

Whether you make a standard pancake mix or opt for a healthier base made with oats and banana, a healthy topping will make you feel like you’re winning at being a Mum. We love a selection of berries, greek yogurt, and honey on ours but why not get inventive with peanut butter and banana or a little dark chocolate and strawberries? Yum! They’ll never know it’s healthy!

– The Savoury Supper-

Credit: Pinterest (Via Low Carb Maven)

There is no other day in the year where it is acceptable to eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert, but pancake day itself. Drizzle your crepes in melted cheese, meats, veggies, even baked beans for a delicious dinner using your favourite pancake recipe. This is great for those who don’t want to fill their tots with sugar in the evening.
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