Our Top Spring Cleaning Tips

March 25, 2018Lifestyle

Last week marked the official start of Spring and whilst we acknowledge that the current frosty temperatures don’t quite put us in the mood to shed our Winter coats, we are still incredibly excited to start seeing the days get longer and (eventually) a little warmer!

If you’re anything like us, the start of Spring gets you in the mood for all things new. As the trees begin to renew their leaves, it feels like the perfect time to put away the old and welcome in anything fresh. In this spirit, we recently gave My 1st Years HQ  a big tidy and it made us realise that many of you will be feeling the spring cleaning vibes too. Since we know little rooms often pose the biggest challenge when tidying a home, we’ve put together our top spring cleaning tips, which we hope makes tidying your child’s room a little faster and a lot easier!



We get it, little ones grow at such a rapid rate and sometimes it can feel like the only way to remember all their unique phases is to hold on to little keepsakes and souvenirs! Now for the most part, this is totally understandable but like anything it can be overdone. Whilst keeping their first pair of pre-walkers is sweet, holding on to that stained bib, they haven’t worn in months is less so. Often what can appear a messy room, is in fact an over cluttered one. So before you whip out any of the cleaning products, have an honest declutter of your little one’s belongings and be marvelled at how much tidier their room will look instantly!


Once you’ve done the hard (and often emotional!) job of getting rid of some of your little ones old belongings, the next step is to neatly store the treasures that made the cut. Cleaning will take far less time if there’s less on show and stylish storage can often give rooms a fresh breathe of life. Our personalised star toy chest, is not only nice and room-y to keep little belongings safe but set in a classic white is sure to look timeless for years to come. Additionally, with its soft clasp closing, it is safe for little fingers and big ones too! For an option you can tuck away in the corner, our personalised grey star tall storage bag  is ideal. Plus with its tall shape, it can keep anything from toys to bedding. 



Cleaning can be very tiring and one of the quickest ways to get overwhelmed is trying to do too much at once. Then, to make tasks more approachable one of the best things you can do is work in a rotation. Specifically, start cleaning a room from where you enter it, and then work clockwise until you return to the the doorway again. This way you can make sure you have tackled everything and that are able to dedicate more time to each section.



Now we know you have only two hands so we don’t mean try and do a million things at once, instead we suggest you try and carry out certain tasks in tandem, so as to reduce the amount of time you need to dedicate to your spring clean.  For example, putting bed linens in the wash as soon as you wake up and drying them as soon as you can when they’re clean, can mean that by the end of the day, when you’ve finished cleaning, the linens are ready to put on. This kind of multi-tasking can easily save you hours!

We’d love to hear your top cleaning tips – Comment below!