Our most-loved names for Valentine’s Day babies

February 5, 2021Celebrations, Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life

Capture the romantic spirit of the season with an adorable Valentine’s Day-inspired baby name. As more lockdown babies are born every day, why not welcome your little love bug with a name that shows them just how special they are to you. Valentine’s Day falls on the 14th of February every year and is traditionally a celebration of romance in love across the globe. This date signals the beginning of early spring: a time of hope and new beginnings, like the little life that has just entered your world. 

An English name for the songbird that traditionally represents Valentine’s Day, Dove is a sweet name that gently evokes its rhyme, love. Doves are also associated with peace and harmony and are often presented in art as spiritual messengers. These birds arrive to bring a sense of purpose to life, just as parenthood can reveal a strength and determination that we never knew we possessed. Add this name to an adorable rainbow milestone blanket to watch a little lovebird grow. 

Meaning ‘beautiful’ in French, the traditionally masculine Beau and the feminine Belle are truly lovely names that historically hold nothing but positive connotations. From a beloved ‘beau’ to ‘the belle of the ball’, these names are associated with deep feelings of love, special moments and celebrations, which anyone would wish for their child. In other languages, the variation of Bella can mean ‘intelligent’ (Hungarian) and ‘devoted’ (Hebrew), two attributes that will help a little one to work through and endure whatever hardships life throws at them. Other related names include Annabel, Isabella and even Robert, which is often nicknamed Beau in the southern states of the USA. Add these names to a personalised gold plated necklace for a unique keepsake that can represent this special little love. 

Less well known than his Shakespearean counterpart, Romeo, Tristan was a medieval knight who, according to legend, accidentally shared a love potion with the King’s bride and the two fell tragically in love. The tale of Tristan and his paramour, Isolde, is a truly romantic tale that has inspired many love stories throughout history and remains a popular choice for the parents of many little heroes. Teach them all about the mythical origins of their name with a personalised wooden knights castle

In Hebrew, Vida shares the meaning of ‘dearly loved’ with its masculine counterpart, David, the young shepherd who defeated the mighty warrior Goliath to become a beloved King. A beautiful name with a rich and diverse history, Vida means ‘life’ in Spanish and Portuguese and ‘wisdom’ in Hindi and variations can include Vita, Davinia or Davida and Vidal, popularised by its celebrity hairdresser namesake. Give a little one the royal treatment they deserve every day with a personalised fairy princess robe or a pair of personalised prince high top trainers

This English name is a tale of two halves that come together to tell a sweet story. From its Anglo-Saxon origins, Fenmore was a name typically given to those who were seen as highly likeable or splendid; however in Old French the prefix derives from ‘fin’, a nickname which means ‘elegant man’ and the suffix from ‘amour’, meaning ‘love’. Today, this name is considered to be unisex. Wrap up this bundle of love in a personalised hooded fleece robe

Derived from the Slavic words for ‘compassionate’, ‘dear’ and ‘gracious’, Mila and Milo are wonderful names that will remind parents and children alike to treat each other with the kindness and compassion that our loved ones deserve. In Spanish, Mila is a diminutive of Milagros, meaning miracles, the perfect choice to name a little rainbow baby and variations across Slavic and Romance languages include: Milena, Camila and Emilia.  in German and Greek, Milo also means ‘merciful’ and ‘lover of glory’ for a name that can inspire and guide them through the journey of life and variations of this name include Milos and the 90s favourite, Miles. Add your pick to a personalised rainbow print organic jersey blanket to help settle a little sweetheart to sleep. 

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