Our luxury blue gift box and its uses

March 15, 2023Inspiration, Parenting

There’s nothing more special than receiving a blue box through your front door, filled with gorgeous personalised gifts. But our signature box is so much more than just packaging for the gifts it holds inside. It’s a symbol of love, affection and future memories, guaranteed to light up parents and their little ones’ faces when they first receive it and throughout the years. And now, it’s even more sweet, as it’s free! Yes, you read that right. In this blog post, we’ll talk about our luxury blue gift box and its endless possibilities.

Our luxury gift box is not just for gift-giving; it can be repurposed in many creative ways. Here are a few ideas to give you inspiration:

Turn it into a spaceship

Imaginative play is a crucial part of any little learners’ development so get creative and transform our blue box into a spaceship. With a splattering of paint, a handful of cardboard and a sprinkling of imagination, your little ones will love to craft their very own spaceship to take them to infinity and beyond!

Transform it into a theatre or cinema

With the help of some scissors and a little creativity, you can turn our gift box into a mini-theatre or cinema. An excellent way to keep kids entertained for hours, you can even customise it and glue your little one’s favourite film posters to the outside of the box for the ultimate at-home DIY movie nights. 

Dolls House

Ideal for doll-obsessed little ones who love to play the day away with their favourite toys, make sure their home is as comfortable as yours by creating their very own doll’s house. Simply cut out some windows and doors, add some furnishings and decorations, and there you have it – your very own miniature dolls house, guaranteed to delight your tiny dreamer. 

Organisation Box

Perfect for storage purposes, keep their toys, books, and tiny trinkets organised. You can decorate it to match your room décor, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Keepsake Box

Create a very special keepsake box by filling it with the most special mementoes that parents will love to look back on. Their first lock of hair, first pair of shoes, first backpack, first soft toy, and pictures of big and little moments are just some of the things you can fill our box with that parents will be proud to pass down through the generations.

Sensory Box

As we all know, playtime is the best time to help your little one learn and grow. Make the most of this time for their development with some good old fashioned sensory play and fill our gift box with different textures, sounds, and objects to stimulate your little learner’s senses. You can include things like feathers, sand, water, and bells to create a fun sensory experience.

Our blue luxury gift box is so much more than just a packaging piece, that you chuck into the recycling once you’ve retrieved your little ones gifts; it’s a versatile treasure trove that can be repurposed in a number of creative ways. With these ideas, you can give your blue gift box a new life and make it an integral part of your child’s playtime, organisation, and sensory development. Once they grow up, our boxes can serve as a treasured keepsake to remind parents of all of the magical moments made throughout the years. So, get creative and start using your luxury blue gift box today!

If you do try one of these ideas, don’t forget to take a picture and tag us in your upcycled box photos on Instagram! We love to see what you and your little ones get up to.