Our great gifting cheat sheet!

November 10, 2021Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration

Gifting can be tricky at times, but when you get it right it’s so worth it! The perfect gift really does mean a lot, to both little ones and parents alike. That’s why we’ve decided to come up with our very own gifting cheat sheet to try to help you out as best we can. 

Whether you’re gifting a newborn, a toddler or a special someone else, we’ve tried to cover all the bases. We hope our list inspires your choice of gift for the loved one in your life. 


Newborns are a precious gift themself so it would be ideal to mark their arrival into the world with a gift equally as special. Firstly a classic, but a goodie – you really can’t go wrong with a dressing gown. Available in blue, pink, ivory and many variations in between, dressing gowns are a classic choice to keep new babies snug from the moment they wake up to bed-time. Made from huggably soft material and perfect for sensitive newborn skin, these dreamy dressing gowns are as cosy as they are cute and we’re certain both newborns and parents will love them. 

Every newborn needs a bedtime best friend, a sleeptime snuggle buddy and someone who’ll see them through their first years. That’s why a soft toy is another great gift for a newborn. A beautiful bunny could make a certain someone a happy little hopper, while a knitted elephant soft toy will be a gift that they’ll never forget. They can snuggle up to Miss Ballerina’s super soft snuggly tummy before bed, or for a festive favourite Mr Penguin is a brrr-illiant choice. 

Finally, blankets are an essential baby gift to keep them warm through their first years and as a gift that will be cherished for years to come. Wrap up a bundle-of-joy in a pink star jacquard blanket or choose a cellular blanket that can be used throughout the year.  

These are just some of our top picks, so check out our ‘perfect gifts for newborns’ blog for a more in depth guide for adorable newborns. 

The right keepsake gifts will be cherished for years to come. Whether it’s a specially designed photo album filled with pictures of their first grin or a special box to keep their first pair of socks safe, keepsakes are the perfect gift to give new parents to be treasured every day. A personalised pendant necklace is the ultimate keepsake that can be cherished daily – and you can add baby’s birthstone to make it even more personal. Read My1stYears ‘personalised keepsake gift that parents will love’ blog for more inspiration.

If you’re hunting for the perfect gift for a little dreamer who loves to explore their creative side, look no further! A little performer’s backpack will keep a little star’s belongings safe and sound throughout the day, while inspiring them to always sparkle, wherever they go. For another pretty perfect suggestion, some sweet little performers pyjamas will surely inspire their dancing dreams, perfect for when they wake up in the morning ready to twirl into the day. A final magical gift for a little dreamer is a unicorn soft toy, sure to make every day magical. For an extra great gift, see what they think of a unicorn backpack and soft toy gift set, a treat that really is the best of both worlds. 

Gifting a little explorer? – say no more. A colourful dinosaur backpack will ensure a roarsome day out, while a dinosaur dressing gown is a dino-mire gift for a daring little one. We know that the little adventurer in your life loves the outside and now that the weather’s getting wetter, a pair of dinosaur wellies, paired with a dinosaur raincoat is the perfect gift for these autumn/winter months. 

To aid a little one’s development, it’s important to provide them with toys and books to interact with. Wooden toys are a great way to improve fine motor and cognitive skills, which will help them later on in life. A wooden activity walker will provide hours of endless entertainment for curious minds as they take their first steps, while a wooden clock puzzle will help crucial life skills such as counting and telling the time. Teach them to read with our ‘Little People, Big Dreams’ books based on multiple real-life people from David Attenborough to Michelle Obama to Ru Paul. Each book has a unique story and will hopefully inspire a little one to ask questions and learn about interesting characters. For a lighter read, try Disney’s Animated Princess Classics. 

Toddlers can be tricky to shop for – 1 and 2 year olds are typically getting used to exploring the world around them, which means that they love toys that foster motor coordination, show cause and effect or enhance imaginative play. Try a wooden tool box or doctors kit for gifts that will inspire imaginative play. Now that they’re bigger they can try out ride on toys. A ride on car or scooter is sure to give them hours of endless fun and we think you’ll be their favourite person ever if you give them this (you’re welcome mum and dad!) Finally, treat a toddler to a pair of high tops for a classic shoe that will support their tiny toes on everyday adventures.   

We hope that you’ve been inspired by our gifting cheat sheet – we tried to account for everyone we could. If you decide to gift a little one an item from our suggestions list, let us know on Instagram by tagging us with @My1stYears and use the hashtag #My1stYears to show us any gorgeous pictures you take! 

With love, 

My1stYears x