Our favourite childhood birthdays

May 22, 2019Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Meet The Team

Collecting seashells on the beach. Playing hide and seek in the back garden. Loading up the car for your summer family road trip. We all love to reminisce about our fondest childhood memories. Back when life seemed simple and carefree and your biggest worry was deciding which cartoons to watch after school.

Here at My 1st Years, we love sharing stories about the good old days and with all of our special occasion gifts on offer, we’ve been casting our minds back to those precious childhood birthdays. Because birthdays just aren’t the same anymore…



“My favourite memory was my 8th Birthday where I had my FIRST ever bouncy castle party with 2 birthday cakes (the best part).”



“My favourite birthday was in Disney, I have a notorious birthday being New Year’s Day so usually it’s a quiet affair, something that made it really special was a hug from Mickey and visiting magic kingdom. I’m sure I had a party back home and I’m sure I had the best time but nothing beats Mickey.”



“I come from a small town in Wales, and in this small town there was a magician who performed at ALL of the kids parties. I remember being amazed by his magic tricks, and being delighted by the many, many balloon accessories he made for me.”



“Shout out to my Mum who made me the BEST birthday cakes for my birthday. This is one of my favourites – a princess castle for my 6th birthday complete with ice cream cone turrets and a jelly moat!” 



“One of my most memorable birthdays was when I got to visit Disneyland Paris as a child – it wasn’t a traditional party, but so much better! I was always a huge Disney fan and through the years you can find many photos of me accessorising with a set of Mini Mouse ears! Nothing has changed as you can see from my 21st birthday –  Disney themed again!”