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Our Back to School Survival Guide

August 24, 2015Advice, Gift Inspiration, New Collections, Parenting, Uncategorised

September 1st. A daunting date even after all these years – especially if you’ve got a little one starting school for the first time. (Who exactly gave them permission to grow up so fast anyway?) During all the angst surrounding packed lunches and P.E. kits, we’ve put together a quick survival guide for both parents and kids in time for that scary first day at school:

Get OrganisedRucksacks 123

Keep their school gear neat and tidy in a personalised rucksack. RG @mama_dad_and_charlie & @mrssofiagouveia

A useful one for everyone – organisation has never been more important than when your kids start at school. The nightmare of frantically searching for pencil cases and sports socks is one best avoided, and a calm approach will help keep your kids happy if they see you arranging things in an orderly manner.

Prepare Them For What To Expect

Book                       Our personalised ‘First Day at School’ book could just help you calm their worries…

One of the scariest elements of starting school is the great unknown – kids will be spending a significant chunk of their lives in a brand new building surrounded by brand new kids, with brand new adults taking care of them all day. It’s a good idea to go through with them what exactly will be happening each day, from lesson subjects to lunchtimes – which will also jog your memory on what went on those many, many years ago when you first started school. Oh, how things have changed!


Unsurprisingly, we’re huge fans of putting your little one’s name on as many of their possessions as possible – but this becomes more than just a luxury when they start school; it becomes essential. As much as we love little Harry down the road, we’d much rather our son came home with his own jumper than Harry’s two-sizes-too-small version – or as has been known, no jumper at all. Quick, get labelling their things!

You can even opt for a distinctive symbol like a star or love heart that will help your little one pick out their things from afar – it works even better if they’ve picked it themselves and love the way it looks. It goes a long way to ensuring they never lose their P.E. kits again.

Plan A Distraction!

Too much thinking can easily lead to tears – for children and parents alike.

Kids are lucky – they’re kept so busy during their first day of school that they might not give you a second of thought, but what about us the parents? Good job if you’re at work and can keep yourself distracted, but if you’ve taken the day off to cope with the transition it can easily stretch out into a long day of pining for the little one to return. So keep yourself busy! Maybe it’s catching up with friends, seeing family, doing the myriad of errands that will no doubt have built up – before you know it the bell will be ringing and it’ll be time to collect you-know-who from the gates again. And so begins a long thirteen years…

How are you coping with your little one starting school next week? Let us know in the comments below!