November birthday gift guide

October 28, 2021Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration, Gifts, Inspiration

It can be tricky to find the perfect gift for a little one but don’t fret – we’re here to help with a November birthday gift guide. 

Now that November has arrived, it’s time to find the ultimate gifts for the little loved one in your life who was born during this splendid month. In this article, we’ve created a list of November birthday gift ideas that we hope they’ll adore as much as we do!

Gorgeous gifts

November borns are known for their cool, calm and collected natures as well as their loving, sentimental and intelligent personalities. 

When you’re looking for birthday gifts in this autumn season, think warm, simple, and colourful. But before you decide on a gift, you need to know some facts about November borns. People born in this month are either Scorpio or Sagittarius. Scorpios are known for their calm insight and fiercely loyal natures. Sagittarians tend to find joy in the little things in life, making them very happy people. At their core, Sagittarians are creative souls who love to travel and experience new things. Treat a little Scorpio or Sagittarian to a special gift this November.

November birthdays are also associated with two gems; Citrine and Topaz. Topaz comes in a rainbow of colours while citrine is prized for its charming yellow and orange hues. Treat a November born to a yellow raincoat with rainbow details, the perfect combo to honour both of November’s gemstones and the wet weather. 

The yellow-gold colour associated with November can be honoured by a fine piece of jewellery that a little one is sure to treasure. Try a gold locket for a gift that will show them just how special they are to their gift-giver. You can even give them a gold locket that also features their birthstone, for the perfect November gift!

Cosy comforts

Now that the clocks have gone back, the weather’s bound to turn chillier and the days will start getting darker. There’s nothing more special than wrapping a baby up in a blanket and little ones will love to be kept snug and cosy with their very own personalised blanket. Choose a more luxe version for a gift that will be treasured by both kids and parents alike or opt for an everyday knitted piece that will keep them warm all winter long.  

Tis the season for warm baths on chilly nights, so try out a hooded towel, perfect for drying them off after bathtime and wrapping them up warm before they get ready for bed. We’re sure that a dressing gown will be much appreciated so give them the snuggliest and warmest gift possible with a classic robe or fulfil their princess dreams with a fairy princess dressing gown to make these colder months more magical. 

Make memories

November born babies are most sentimental, so, to honour this, why not record their happiest memories with a Photo Album for them to look back on years later. Pick their favourite Disney character whether that’s Simba, Winnie the Pooh or Dumbo and pop their special memories inside, to be treasured throughout the years. A classic birthday gift, this present will be cherished by them and their parents as they grow.

For a cute clever clogs!

November born little ones are known for their intelligence, aptitude for creativity and their hardworking nature. Stimulate little minds by treating them to some interactive wooden toys – great for their cognitive and motor development. Encourage their artistic side with a wooden art easel or treat a little one to technology-free screentime with a wooden laptop toy (great for perfecting their doodles). Another fabulous alternative for a little genius is a book or two to expand their vocabularies and develop their critical thinking skills. Teach them about nature with a David Attenborough book or really appeal to their academic side with a book about the life of Stephen Hawking. The opportunities with books really are endless and they’re a great gift for a November born little clever clogs.

To shop for every gift you could ever possibly need for a November born baby, you can  find it all on our website. What’s more, it can all be personalised with a little one’s name to make their birthday feel extra extra special this year.  

With love,

My 1st Years x