New Years Resolutions for Your Kids

January 4, 2017Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

It’s that time of year when we all want to start bettering ourselves, cut down on those naughty treats we over-indulged in over Christmas, start new hobbies and generally improve our lives. While we are working on ourselves why not start introducing new positive habits into our little one’s lives? After the festive holidays where we let the kids stay up a little later, eat a few more treats and get away with doing absolutely no homework, there is no better time to kick start those routines and introduce better habits than now.

Here are our top four resolutions for your little one to try this year!

Resolution #1 – Eat at the table


If your little cutie gets away with eating their dinner in front of Mr Tumble, then this might be the year to start eating together around the table. Although the convenience of not eating together can be appealing for busy parents, it is proven that children make healthier choices and have improved manners when they regularly eat at the table as a family. For the tiniest tots why not start them off with our personalised table and chairs before graduating them to the big family table?

Resolution #2 – Read more books


Reading books should begin at the earliest stage with bedtime stories to stimulate your child’s imagination. As they get older it’s easy to let habits slide, with children preferring to spend time on the tablet than reading a story. This year, spend at least 20 minutes every evening reading with your child to help them develop their vocabulary, improve their spelling and get their imaginations running wild. Take a look at our personalised books for a special story time.

Resolution #3 – Save money


Whether it’s the cash they get for Christmas or pocket money, it’s time to start encouraging your kids to save up for a special treat rather than an impulse buy or sweeties from the shop. Teaching your child how to save money is a lesson that’ll stay with them forever, and give them great spending habits in adult life. Money Boxes are a great tool to help children save as they’ll love putting their coins in and counting it up at the end.

Resolution #4 – Stay in bed all night


Letting little one’s fall asleep in your bed is an easy habit to start, with little ones loving the comfort of your cuddles and you loving the feeling of being needed. But it’s time to get your sleep back and let little ones fall asleep in their own bed and stay there all night. If they get upset being left alone, spray their comforter or blanket with your favourite perfume to help soothe them. We recommend giving older kids an alarm clock which will tell them when they’re allowed to come and wake you up!


What habits are you trying to teach your children in 2017?

Image Source: Josh Applegate Via Unsplash