New Year Goals for your Kids

January 25, 2020Advice, Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do, Uncategorised

What goals will your children achieve this year?

Every time the New Year rolls around, we make lists of resolutions that we never keep. In fact, last week marked ‘Quitter’s Day’ when people are most likely to give them up altogether. As a parent, we know that your children are your priority; if motivation to keep to your own resolutions is faltering, take a look at the milestones your child can reach this year and focus on reaching these goals as a family. 

To make things easier, we’ve put together a few simple suggestions (with some beautiful My 1st Years products to help your little ones along the way).

1.Walk on their own


If your child is still very much a baby, it might seem light-years away, but trust us when we say that they will be tottering about before you know it. It will start slowly as your child learns to pull themselves up to stand before they start toddling along, holding on to a piece of furniture for balance. Our personalised pink wooden dolls pram is ideal for wobbly walkers to take their first steps. 

2. Learn to recognise and match colours


From an early age, young children are naturally drawn to bright colours but it can take a little while for them to be able to distinguish between and name them. Kids learn best through play, so brightly coloured toys like our personalised wooden shape sorter are useful tools to help their baby brains absorb and process all of this new information. 

3. Sort items by shape


Similar to colours, being able to match and organise shapes is a key marker of cognitive development in young children. To help them practice, try our personalised neutral wooden stacker – the smooth wooden rings are a perfect fit for small fingers!

4. Tidy up toys


Playtime is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about new textures, develop new social skills and explore their imaginations… but it can also be very messy. Learning how to tidy away afterwards is a rewarding skill, as much for parents as it is for the kids. Our large grey star storage bag makes it easy for little hands to put their toys back somewhere safe and sound. 

5. Get dressed and undressed by themselves


With a small child in tow, mornings and bed-times can be a bit tricky. Learning to dress and undress themselves is a simple way that young children can feel more grown-up – and make your life a bit more straightforward. Our personalised jersey tracksuit is comfy, cool and convenient to pull on and off, available in grey and pink or grey and navy.  

Remember, each child is special and their development may follow a slightly different path to their peers; don’t worry if your little one isn’t hitting milestones at the same speed as their friends. The most important thing is that your children feel loved and supported. To help keep track of your kid’s accomplishments, you could set up a goal tracker to record their progress. Try sticking it on the fridge or somewhere else in the house that’s visible and easy to access and celebrate as a family every time they achieve something new!