Introducing The My 1st Years and Mr. Men Little Miss Collection

November 1, 2016Gift Inspiration, New Collections, Uncategorised

It’s here! We’re excited to launch My 1st Years’ very first collaboration with everybody’s favourite book characters the Mr. Men Little Miss family. These lovable characters have been bouncing their way around our office for a while now, putting themselves onto our cute clothes, fun furniture and adorable accessories while we were busy working… And we loved them so much we’ve let them stay!


We all love the Mr. Men Little Miss books for their short stories based on a character’s personality. This year the characters are celebrating their 45th birthday and we decided that we would join in the celebrations by launching an exciting personalised collection, that we know you’ll love!


Mr Men white blanket1
Mr men toy box text_1000


The Mr. Men Little Miss characters hold fond memories in the hearts of many of us, both young and old! From reading the stories to matching personalities with a character there are so many reasons to adore them. Here at My 1st Years, we know your tiny tots already have a personality no matter how small they are, so whether you have a Little Miss Giggles, Mr Messy or Mr Mischief at home we have the perfect product for you.


Choose which personality matches your Mr. Man or Little Miss with our personality guide below.






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