Mums share their advice for a birthday in lockdown

October 27, 2020Advice, Celebrate with us, Celebrations, How to, Parenting, Party, Uncategorised

Organising a birthday celebration takes a lot of planning at the best of times, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. With lockdowns, travel restrictions and social distancing, it’s basically impossible to throw a traditional birthday party with friends, and even family. More than ever, now is the time to appreciate the little things and birthdays provide the perfect time to show our loved ones just how special they are. That is why we spoke to some of our favourite insta-mums to find out how they spent their little ones’ birthdays this year. 

The bottom line? A birthday in 2020 is certainly one to remember and that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 

Sarah – @surrey_mama

“We have planned two birthday parties for our girls during the pandemic. We had family celebrations at home and although they weren’t like other years I’d say they both have amazing memories from them! 

“My top tips would be to let them choose (within reason) what they’d like to do for their party within the home. For us that was letting them pick their favourite dinner – it sounds simple but they are huge fans of having a local pizza delivery. Having a pizza party and eating out of a box was so much fun! We also let them choose their cake and did baking together. Finally they picked the party games and the presents for pass the parcel. 

“Whatever you do, they’ll have fun because you’re together.”

Hannah – @chaus_adventure 

‘We kept Jacob’s birthday party small, only for families, due to the ever changing restrictions. We had a lovely BBQ in the garden and Jacob had a great time with the people he loved the most.’

Hannah – @willow_and_the_welbourns

Willows 1st Birthday was such a huge milestone for us as a family! It took us back to the happiest, but also the scariest time of our lives! Our year with Willow flew by, and although it was a little different to how I had imagined, I truly wouldn’t have changed any of it! She changed our lives for the better! 🤍

Tala – @themustidiary 

We made sure to include all the fun things Remi loves such as his toys and activities . He loves splashing around, so we included a paddling pool and other bath toys which he loved. We also gave him his favourite foods and snacks . He had an amazing time 

Milly Naomi – @millynaomi_ 

Even if you can’t all gather together to celebrate your child’s birthday, I think it is a lovely idea to ask your family and friends to post your little one a birthday card, or even better, a birthday letter! My children love receiving their own post through the letterbox and then you can have lots of fun reading the letters and replying to them. Still keeps their birthday feeling special. And an extra cake will always help as well

Abigail – @aniyahandazari 

Aniyah’s and Azári’s birthdays were approaching just as we went into lockdown. We had a party planned and booked for both of them. Azári didn’t really understand his birthday as he was turning 2 but Aniyah on the other hand was so excited for her pampering to take place and to have her friends round. Her little face when we told her we had to change the plans! A little human doesn’t understand why there are germs out there and why her birthday would be affected; however as her parents we had to make sure that she had the best day ever. During our essential shops, we worked out how to make our very own DIY stay at home pamper session with the help of some amazing companies. We were able to make her day the best day she possible could have during a pandemic. All her friends and family were on a zoom call when we did her cake. Her little face throughout the day was heartwarming. We realised that just having the four of us and our zoom call with our favourites was more than enough to make both the kiddies’ days special.

Samira – @mamas.nest_

Planning a birthday party can be stressful at the best of times but during this pandemic and rollercoaster of a year its been extremely difficult to know what to do. Are we allowed to invite friends, family, neighbours? Who knows. Waiting to find out if gathering are off the table. It’s all been too much. We had Aaliyahs 3rd birthday at the peek of Covid 19 during the lockdown. So guests were definitely a big NO but we are lucky to have a large family and Aaliyah was surrounded by her siblings and still had a whale of a time. My planning for her birthday mostly consisted of ordering items online from outfits, birthday presents, food and drinks to the cake. But as online shopping was at a higher demand than usual I had to be very organised to make sure i ordered well in advance to ensure everything arrived beforehand or on time.  I wanted to avoid any disappointment at all cost as it was already going to be a different kind of party. 

My tips would be try to focus on making the best of the hard times we are facing and not to worry or be down about not celebrating with others. Make every detail special and celebrate your child. Make sure you get your online orders in well before you need them as you don’t want items to be out of stock. Even if it’s your first child and they are celebrating their first birthday with 1 parent you can still go all out and document it all and share the amazing party with family and friends later.

Melissa – @raisinglittlesheks_ 

Birthday planning for Esme was hard this year, as she’s used to a big party surrounded by everyone she loves. Even with the unknown, we made sure it was extra special with little touches that we knew she would love. Flower walls & swing, waking up to a house full of balloons, and a special princess dress made her day.

Meggan – @meggan_tile 

Our little Ivy is turning one on halloween and we have had to change all plans due to covid; however we have decided to decorate the house and order some handmade cakes and treats and to celebrate. Family will arrive to wish her happy birthday at different times throughout the day to keep to the rule of 6. We have also ordered her a balloon decoration and lots of lovely toys from My 1st Years to keep her entertained.