Mum Of The Year Award: Meet The Winners

March 27, 2017Lifestyle

At the start of March we launched the My 1st Years’ Mum of the Year Awards, as we wanted to treat all of you #supermums out there. The nominations came flooding in and the responses had the team at My 1st Years HQ laughing and crying in equal measures. It was tough to decide who would make the cut, but after careful deliberation, we picked our 6 winners. We can’t wait to meet these special ladies at our Awards event held at the Sanderson in Central London, where they’ll be treated to The Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea and some other little treats. So, we are excited to introduce you to our 6 Mums of the year!

Stay At Home Mum: April Mcgilligan


My Mum is a true supermum. She was diagnosed with cancer in her 30’s and given 6 months to live while me, my brother and sister were all so young. My parents sadly got a divorce and my mum cared for us all while undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She would get us all to school, drive around like a mad women getting me to ballet and my sister to horse riding. She left hospital after major surgery with drains and cooked tea that night! She amazingly got the all clear only to be rediagnosed in her 40’s and given 18 months to live. This was almost 3 years ago! She has undergone 2 rounds of chemo, radiotherapy and near 15 operations! She is currently on palliative care but anyone who meets her agrees she doesn’t even look ill and how amazing she is doing. It breaks my heart that I can not be with her on Mother’s Day as me and my partner moved to America for his work but she is also a super Gran and traveled all the way to America for two weeks to help look after and meet my now 3-month-old daughter! I do not know any lady as strong as her, she is my biggest inspiration and if I can become even just half the women she is I would be blessed!

Multi-Tasking Mum: Alison Harper

4I’m so happy that I have found an award for the best multitasking Mum! My wife is literally #supermum I really have no idea, how she manages to get so much done in one day and always with a smile on her face. Not only is she an awesome wife (together 12 years), an amazing mum to two beautiful girls, she is also a great friend to so many people and is always looking out for everyone else and never forgets birthdays, anniversaries and important dates (sending cards, personalised gifts, the works!) In the past 6 months we have moved house, have had our second child (now two under two), my wife has set up a new award winning business selling preloved children’s clothes and literally does everything herself part time from home including PR, social media, marketing, advertising, accounts and much more whilst also taking both girls to classes / groups / playdates everyday. Alison also volunteers for the local NCT charity where she has literally turned the advertising and marketing around. She manages the social media channels and has developed a new member’s flyer with lots of discounts for local parents whilst also supporting local businesses. Alison has recently won an award from Jacqueline Gold CBE and Theo Paphitis, where she attended a networking event to collect her award (she was also breastfeeding our newborn daughter between breaks). My wife is an inspiration and shows that with lots of organisation you can be a multitasking #supermum.

Best Grandma: Kathryn Camps

2My little boy Rupert is 18 months old and disabled. He was born with Osteogenesis Inperfecta. This is a genetic condition which means that he breaks bones very easily, with very little force. My Mum supported me & was a pillar of strength during Rupert’s diagnosis holding my hand while I cried at all of his many appointments. If it wasn’t for her strength, I don’t know how I would have coped. At just under one, Rupert began to break bones frequently; breaking his legs to begin with repeatedly. This was just before I was about to return to work from maternity leave as a nurse. At this point my Mum made the most selfless decision she could have done, she sold her house to move in to support us 24/7 and gave up her job to be Rupert’s carer. This was utterly selfless and done with love. Not only does Rupert have nothing but love, devotion and the best care, but I also can continue my career as a nurse, a career that I love and worked hard to achieve with the support of my Mum. Without my Mum I couldn’t have returned to work, doing what I love. My Mum never complains and never asks for anything. She supports me, guides me and gives myself & Rupert the best that she can, even though she has nothing. My Mum couldn’t do anymore for us if she tried, and I couldn’t ask for anything more from her for Rupert, which is why I think my Mum is a deserving grandma of the year winner.

Community Mum: Melissa Underwood

1My Mum is a Mum to 5 children aged 28, 25, 20, 6 and 5. She is battling terminal leukemia amongst other illnesses but does not let that slow her down in the slightest, she plays a big part helping out at her local church every weekend and is a very hands-on Glam-ma (glamorous gran) to my 2 children aged 2 and 3 months.

She is a real life superwoman and I think she deserves the world! Thanks Mum!

Enterprising Mum: Francessca Hallam (@little_pink_cupcakes)

7Since having her baby boy last March, my daughter Francesca has established a hugely popular and successful baking company, securing work with major brands such as Kurt Geiger and even gaining a few celeb followers along the way! She bakes over 300 biscuits and cakes per week from her own kitchen and does it all while being a fab Mum to her son, Rafferty. She has turned her passion and creativity to build a flourishing business which has now allowed her to leave her former full-time job post maternity leave, and I am incredibly proud! Follow her at @little_pink_cupcakes

Funniest Mum: Joanne Allen funniest-mum-winner

My Mum is always cracking the best jokes whether they are actually funny or just pure shocking. She helps me out with my horse every day and has been teaching her tricks like how to bow etc. Shes mad but I wouldn’t have her any other way!