November 4, 2016Gift Inspiration, Lifestyle, New Collections, Uncategorised

They’re giggling, they’re fun and occasionally they’re grumpy too… No, we’re not talking about your kids we’re talking about the Mr. Men Little Miss characters who have moved into the My 1st Years’ offices. Last week, we caught Little Miss Naughty eating our biscuits, and it seems that Mr. Cool is always talking to the girls in the office, but most excitingly this week they’ve landed onto our website for you to personalise and get your hands on. Whether you’re a fan of our fabulous furniture or can’t get enough of our stylish shoes we have something your little ones will love, all personalised with their name and a character that represents them.


Expressing your individual personality is important to us, no matter how big or small you are, that is why we personalise all of our products with a touch of humour, a dash of personality and a lot of love! We know that no matter how tiny your tot is they already have their individual personality, and the Mr. Men Little Miss collaboration aims to express your little one’s traits in a fun and stylish way. With the pressures of social media and modern life, it is becoming increasingly difficult for children to express their individuality, without the fear of not ‘fitting in’. Our aim is to promote being proud to be unique and expressing your personality, starting at a young age.


We found some big characters to tell us all about which Mr. Men Little Miss character best represents them and their families. Discover what these cheeky children had to say about their nearest and dearest.

Let us know on social media which character best represents your little one’s personality using #MrMenBeYourself.


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