Milestone cards for parents during Lockdown

April 3, 2020How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do, Uncategorised

Here at My 1st Years we are realistic about parenting and on a usual day it’s tough but on a day in lockdown it’s really tough! The strain is not only physical but it’s mental too and can often lead us to feeling a bit of a failure! That is why we have created these FREE parenting milestone cards to celebrate those smaller wins during the lockdown, because we know you are doing great! 


While social media is filled with accounts sharing their children sitting nicely at the table doing work and watching movies as a family, we know that the reality is most of us would be happy if our little ones would just let us pee alone. So much like the milestone cards available to celebrate your child’s development we have designed some fun milestone cards for you to print off at home and share your wins on social media! From celebrating that your little one actually ate the food you slaved over to remembering not to swear when you step on a toy we have your quarantine wins covered with our 24 parenting cards.



STEP ONE: Download our FREE printable milestone cards

STEP TWO: Cut out the individual cards OR simple fold your paper into quarters

 STEP THREE: Each time you hit a milestone pose with your card and share it to social media!

STEP FOUR: Don’t forget to tag us in your photos, using @my1styears

p.s. We decided to make them bright and colourful to make you smile, but we know some of you won’t be able to print in colour so promise they still look great when printed in greyscale.