Meet our Woodland Family

July 11, 2018Gift Inspiration, New Collections, Uncategorised

When you think back to childhood there is always that special soft toy that played a big part and was incredibly special during those first years. That soft that toy sat at the end of your bed waiting to hear about school, cuddled you when you were sad and let you dress him up in all sorts of ridiculous outfits just for a make-believe tea party or show. Here at My 1st Years we understand the importance of those first soft toys and so we have launched a whole collection of adorable woodland creatures to become your little one’s most treasured best friend.

From adorable Arthur bear who comes in several sizes to Hetty the Hedgehog, our woodland family comes in a variety of cute creatures, colours and sizes, making them a lovable gift for children of any age. Read on to find out more about our new friends personalities to help you pick your favourite…



Arthur is the friendliest bear around, always willing to help his friends when they’re sad and play with them all day long. Born in Britain, Arthur is used to chillier climates so always wears his soft grey scarf which features his best friend’s name on. Arthur’s favourite food is picnic snacks and he loves nothing more than sitting around with his other soft toy friends and having a teddybears picnic. When he is not playing with friends or eating tasty treats Arthur loves nothing more than climbing trees and watching his other woodland pals playing in the leaves below.

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Our friend Ethel is a little superstar, always confident and excited to perform and play with her best friends. Ethel is an excitable character and loves nothing more than running around the garden playing hide-and-seek but she is also a very good listener which is why she wears her best friend’s name on her ear. Unlike most bunnies Ethel’s favourite food is not carrot but is in fact the sweet taste of mango as it gives her all of her energy and tastes sweet! Although Ethel is a loyal best friend her favourite games involve lots of friends and sharing too.

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Hetty is the most shy of our woodland friends, she has a quiet voice that only her best friend can hear and often tells little ones how loved they are. Hetty enjoys eating tasty cakes and having snuggles with her friends, when Hettie isn’t with her human friend she can be found napping or reading books. But don’t underestimate her, just because Hettie loves quiet time and long naps doesn’t mean she isn’t fun – sing her a song and your guaranteed to hear her beautiful voice loud and clear.

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