Christmas models

Meet Our Christmas ’16 Models! #cute

September 1, 2016Behind The Scenes, Photoshoots, Uncategorised

After receiving over 6,000 entries for our latest model competition, we’re thrilled to reveal our Christmas 2016 crop of cuties. Thanks again to all of you who entered – be sure to keep an eye for our next competition for little ‘uns in our Spring 2017 range – where has the year gone?

Girl Models
Three-year-old Daisy is a typical girly girl and loves princesses – but not quite as much as getting into a rough and tumble with her brothers.

Sofia is rather similar – feminine to the tee, but secretly loves playing with her brother’s toy cars and tinkering on the keyboard with daddy.

Adorable Hallie is a natural on camera, and Bella is a cheeky, fun loving little one who simply loves The Night Garden.

Boy Models
You may recognise Harley from some of our previous shoots – we just can’t stop inviting him back! We especially can’t wait to shoot his cuter-than-ever curls and mischievous grin.

Rocco and Jenson are our first pair of twin boy models, and what a duo they are. Both love music, but whilst Jenson is the cheekier of the two who loves attention, Rocco is more partial to long naps whenever he gets a chance.

Harlen is a bit obsessed with football, but spends plenty of time playing and giggling with his big sister Harlow as well.

Christmas is just around the corner…
Keep an eye out for Santa’s new collection, coming soon!