Make your own printable mask!

April 7, 2020How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do

Make these cute printable masks at home!

Congratulations to all of you reading, you’ve made it through to week 3 of national lockdown! If you’ve watched every episode of Paw Patrol and baked enough banana bread to feed a small army, we’re here to help. It’s not easy keeping your little ones entertained indoors, so let us bring the adventure of the outdoors into your living room. We have designed a range of super-cute masks to inspire you and your family to get creative while you quarantine.

Follow these simple steps for an afternoon of fun with our furry friends:

Step 1 – Pick your favourite character (scroll down to see!)

Step 2 – Download and print our Printable Masks

Step 3 – Carefully cut around the mask and colour in using your favourite colours

Step 4 – Add a lolly stick, twig or straw to the mask so you can hold it

Step 5 – It’s time to play make believe with your new masks! 

Choose from our cast of friendly characters:

Mischievous mouse

This little creature is always up to something.


Bouncy bunny

Energetic and enthusiastic, little bunnies can never stay still for long.


Cuddly Bear

Kind and caring, cuddly bears are always there for their friends.


Big brave Lion

A natural born leader, this lion is ready for the next adventure.


Curious cat

Inquisitive and intelligent, cats are eager to learn new things.


Download your Printable Masks here!

Don’t forget to share your masks with us on social media and let us know how you’re getting on in lockdown! 

With love, 

My 1st Years x