Life As A Twin Mum with Kayleigh Fallon

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Written by Kayleigh Fallon

double-trouble-twins“Two peas in a pod, Double Trouble! Gosh, you have your hands full.” Yes, I’ve heard them all but my heart is so much fuller with two and being a twin Mum is truly the best job in the world…

I’ll never forget the day I took a positive pregnancy test, it was the day after my 28th birthday. To see those two blue lines come up it was the best gift I could have ever wished for. My husband and I were so overjoyed, little did we know that we had a double blessing growing in my tummy. A few weeks later, I was booked in at the local hospital for an early scan, I remember laying on the bed holding my husband’s hand so tight praying that everything was ok. “There are two heartbeats,” the sonographer said, “congratulations you’re expecting twins!” We couldn’t believe our luck! “Twins?!!” I screamed… We were so happy and felt like we were on cloud 9, we couldn’t wait to meet our two little bundles of joy, due September 2016.

It was on our drive home from the hospital that reality kicked in, all these questions going through my head! Trust me, all twin-mums-to-be have this moment of panic… ‘How will I cope with two babies?’ ‘Will I make a good Mummy?’ ‘How will I afford two of everything?’ ‘OMG! what will my bump be like? Am I going to look like I’ve swallowed a space hopper?’

” It was on our drive home from the hospital that reality kicked in…”


fallon-twins-born-featureThe day the twins were due to enter the world came and I couldn’t wait to finally meet my little babies and find out the sexes, as we had kept them a surprise. At 37 weeks I was booked in for a planned C-section (due to twin 1 being breech), the whole experience was amazing and before I knew it the first twin was born, a little baby boy. Just a minute later they held up the next baby another little boy, my heart felt so full of love and our world was complete. I was now a Mum and couldn’t have been happier.

Two days later we were all discharged from hospital and that’s when the fun begins! Two hungry mouths to feed, two bums to change, two of everything the list goes on not to mention the night feeds and sleep deprivation. Four weeks in and you feel like super Mum and believe me twin Mums really are super. The key is routine and finding one that works for you and your babies. I’ll never forget the day my husband went back to work after Paternity leave, I woke up that morning and thought OMG this is it now, it’s just me and my baby boys, I can do this. It was very daunting at first and I thought how am I going to make it through the day? Trying to do the feeds on my own when one baby is screaming the house down when feeding the other, you wind as quickly as you can, to be able to feed the next baby but then the other baby that you have not long just fed has been sick everywhere! It’s all fun really, you get through it and before you know it the weeks have passed, they have dropped their night feed, and wow they slept through the night what an achievement! It’s crazy how you manage on 3-4 hours sleep per day in the early weeks, I think I was so happy and in awe, with my babies, I was just living on pure adrenaline or maybe it was the extra strong cups of coffee.

“Four Weeks In And You Feel Like Super Mum!”

Twins really are the best you get double the love, hugs and kisses and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Mums with one baby (who us twin Mums refer to as singletons) look at me in amazement at times. How do you manage? How do you even get ready and get out of the house? How do you cope? is it hard with two? Well, to be honest, you just do get on with it, I don’t know any different and I guess us twin Mums are super-duper. I get lots of questions from other Mummies about the twins whether they sleep at the same time? Do they tend to cry at the same time and how do you manage that? It’s pretty funny really because in the early weeks if one was crying the other would sleep through or not bat an eyelid. Whereas now they have such an amazing connection and bond they look for one another and if they tend to be upset the other twin will look over to see what going on and might even cry too or stick their bottom lip out, it’s so cute. Especially now they are that little older and recognise each other always giving the sweetest smiles and holding hands. I really do believe in twin instincts.


As difficult as some days may be these are few and far between, my two boys give me so much happiness and joy that only a twin Mum can understand. I really do have to count my blessings daily!

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