Sam and Billie Loves

Introducing Our Exclusive Sam & Billie Loves Range

May 25, 2016Celebrity, Gift Inspiration, Lifestyle, New Collections, Uncategorised

We’re beyond excited to be working with Sam and Billie Faiers – stars of TOWIE, owners of Minnies Boutique, and fabulously modern mums to babies Paul and Nelly. Together we’ve created a Sam and Billie Loves, a capsule collection of unique summer pieces dotted with some of our timeless classics that have been given a fashionable Faiers twist. Here’s what the sisters had to say about our collaboration:

Hi girls! What made you want to collaborate with My 1st Years?

Sam: “We’ve both been fans of the online store for ages – it’s really the go-to place when we need a present for someone else and the luxury gift box is a beautiful touch. We also had loads of things bought for us when we had Paul and Nelly which we absolutely love, so when the opportunity came along it seemed like a perfect fit.”

Billie: “Plus as young mums we’ve got all sorts of ideas about colours and styles what we want to put our kids in, which the team were really interested in hearing about. From the very beginning it’s felt like a really natural partnership.”

Sam and Billie Loves capsule collection
What was your inspiration behind this capsule collection?

Sam: “We’ve been looking forward to summer since we started speaking to My 1st Years, so even though it was cold and grey when the collection was being designed we had our minds fully focussed on bright, colourful pieces that would bring a smile to any parent’s face when the sun finally came out.”

Billie: “Sam and I are also big fans of the My 1st Years slogan bodysuits, so we created a few of our own, which our friends and family have already placed dibs on!” 

Do either of you have any favourite pieces from the range?

Sam: “For me it’s the Personalised Hi! Bodysuit – it looks absolutely gorgeous on Paul and the bright green text gives it a really modern twist.”

Billie: “I also adore the bodysuits we’ve designed, particularly the Squad Goals one. It’s perfect for your little Taylor Swift in the making!”

Sam and Billie bodysuits
What about Paul and Nelly?

Sam: “Paul’s a big fan of his My 1st Years Elephant Playmat, which we’ve included in our Loves range as we can’t get enough of their classic pieces. He will literally play on it for hours, and Paul and I don’t mind one bit!”

Billie: “Nelly looks stunning in the Personalised Neon Pink Cardigan, and the matching blanket is just as adorable. They’ve been made with top notch quality, and really bring out your little one’s playful, girly side.” 

What are you looking forward to most this summer?

Sam: “One word – SUN!”

Billie: “Same, with a bit of sea and sand for good measure.”

Sam: “And ice creams…and seeing how much people like our range!”

Sam and Paul and Billie and Nelly
What’s your favourite thing about being mums?

Sam: “Seeing Paul’s big smile is always enough to brighten my day; I love going on all our adventures together and feeling like a big kid again.”

Billie: “Nelly’s really starting to show her personality now which makes every day different, though one thing that never changes is how much she loves dancing!”

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