Introducing My FURst Years…

April 1, 2019Uncategorised

Do you ever feel like your dog is more than just a pet? More than just your four-legged pal or your perfect pooch.

Instead they’re your best friend, your confidant, your family and you’re not alone either. One survey found that 81% of pet parents consider their dogs to be true family members, equal in status to children. In fact, 35% even refer to their dog as ‘son’ or ‘daughter’.

It’s easy to see why these fluffy little, bug-eyed, wet-nosed creatures hold such a special place in your heart. We’ve known it since the day we first saw these #petfluencers sporting our personalised gifts on Instagram. Enter the world of canine couture…


My FURst Years Collection

After years of crafting personalised gifts for little humans we’re so excited to announce that your favourite products are now available for little fur babies!

The range covers everything a pet lover could want from fleece robes, storage bags and hooded towels to backpacks, bibs and playmats.

dog-with-backpack dog-with-bib dog-in-dressing-gown dog-with-storage

We’ve even designed a Personalised Dog Collar so they can woof, chew, nap, and run all while looking effortlessly stylish. Our much-anticipated collar will be launching today at 12pm so be sure to get in quick before they sell out!


Discover the complete My FURst Years Collection here