How to Throw The Perfect Baby Shower

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It was 8 months ago that your best friend sat you and your girls down to announce she was having a baby, since then you’ve been there while she cried with fear and excitedly purchased the cutest little shoes. But it’s come to that time when you need to plan the perfect baby shower, it’s a daunting experience, previously parties have been all about drinking and dancing and you’re not too sure how to organise a fun-filled day for the mama-to-be. Don’t worry, we have 8 simple steps on how to plan the perfect baby shower. From ensuring you have the best location to thinking about food, if you tick off all of these steps you’re guaranteed to throw a baby shower that your best friend will remember forever.


How to throw the perfect baby shower: Think about themes


When it comes to picking a theme for your friend’s baby shower, have a think about her style? Has she been gravitating to pastel pieces for the new baby or bold colours? Maybe you know she is a big Disney movie fan or has a favourite children’s story – whatever it is make sure the the theme represents her personality. There are lots of decorations available on the internet but if you’re on more of a budget there is loads of inspiration for DIY decorations on Pinterest. Below is a list of our favourite baby shower themes:

  • Pastels
  • Bright colours
  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Pince/Princess
  • Jungle theme
  • Disney theme
  • Unicorn theme
  • Garden Party
  • Peter Rabbit


How to throw the perfect baby shower: Tasty treats



The key to most people’s heart is through food, so if you want to keep all the guests happy we suggest organising some bits and pieces to eat on the day. From delicious homemade sandwiches to beautifully designed sweet treats, organising snacks and nibbles is always a good idea. If organising a baby shower for a larger group, why not ask each of the guests to bring their favourite party food? This will ensure you have lots to eat and will keep the costs down. Below is a list of our favourite baby shower snacks:

  • Themed biscuits
  • Pick and mix sweets
  • Cupcakes
  • Party food – sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, etc..
  • Pizza
  • Sushi
  • Barbecue

How to throw the perfect baby shower: Look into locations


An important part of a baby shower is picking the perfect venue, we recommend a small and  intimate location (unless you’re having a Kardashian size shower that is). Often showers are held at the home of the mum-to-be or at a family member’s house, but if you’re hosting a Summer shower we love the idea of a cute picnic in the park – just remember a stool for the Mum-to-be as clambering onto the floor while pregnant isn’t fun! If Mummy-to-be has a favourite local cafe why not get in touch and see if you can book it out for a few hours? This will also relieve the pressure of organising food too. Below is a list of our favourite baby shower venues:

  • At home – pick a home of someone close to the Mum-to-be
  • Your favourite park
  • Local cafe
  • Local hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Local hall

How to throw the perfect baby shower: Fun features


Every baby shower needs some form of entertainment, how you decide to do this may depend on the theme or personal preference but it’s always important to think of what you’ll be doing at the shower. We often think humorous activities are the best ones, why not make a funny video to present or make a craving station with weird food combinations as a game? This is another area that Pinterest provides endless inspiration for so find something that Mum-to-be will enjoy. Below is a list of our favourite baby shower activities:

  • Guess the gender games
  • Make a funny video to play the Mummy-to-be
  • Make a craving station
  • Pin the nappy on the baby (not real baby of course)
  • Guess the baby food – sample different baby foods and guess what they are


How to throw the perfect baby shower: Making Memories


screen-shot-2018-04-12-at-17-37-08A baby shower is one of the great pleasures of pregnancy, but with so much going on it can be difficult to remember all of the details. It’s always nice to come up with something special that she can keep, whether you make something homemade or go for one of our personalised keepsakes is up to you, but make it a special memory she can keep forever. It’s nice to make it a gift everyone can be involved in, whether that’s framing a group photo or all signing a special gift, this will be something Mum can always treasure. Below is a list of our favourite baby shower keepsakes:


How to throw the perfect baby shower: The Showstopper


No baby shower is complete without a cake, whether you home bake a delicious victoria sponge, buy a a selection from a supermarket or get something specially made in-theme the cake will feature as the centre piece to your party. This can be as costly or as budget friendly as you like, but having a cake not only makes a great decoration but works as an activity too!


How to throw the perfect baby shower: Gifts to love


Take home treats for the guests

Don’t be fooled into thinking a take home gift for guests is essential, it’s a nice touch but as we’re no longer children, party bags are no longer essential. However, if you’re keen to gift something special to all of the guests we have a few little ideas we love! Below is a list of our favourite party favours:

  • A polaroid picture from the day
  • A pink and blue nail varnish
  • Pink and blue bon bons
  • Cupcakes

Treats for Mum-to-be


Obviously you want to gift the new Mum something super special, and for this we of course recommend My 1st years! We have a huge selection of beautiful gifts that can be personalised with a name or surname, perfect for gifting when you don’t know the new arrival’s name yet. Most of our gorgeous gifts can be treasured forever as a keepsake, making them ideal for Mum-to-be. Whether you decide to purchase individual gifts or club together on something special,  remember to buy something nice for Mum and not just the new new baby!

With all of these useful tips you’re guaranteed to throw the perfect baby shower that your best friend will adore.