how to swaddle a baby

How to Swaddle your Baby (VIDEO)

September 5, 2018Events, How to, Lifestyle, Parenting

Swaddling seems to be a buzzword at the moment, but it isn’t a new tradition in fact it’s centuries old. The reason we tend to wrap babies in this way is to ensure they stay warm, secure and comfortable, replicating the pressure of the womb. The act of swaddling doesn’t come without controversy, but with many industry experts showing the link between swaddling and a good night’s sleep it is no wonder that many of us are pro-swaddle. If you do decide to wrap your little one like a burrito it is important to only do so for the first 3 months, ensure there is space in the swaddle for baby to kick and to use lightweight breathable fabrics such as muslin. If you’re ever unsure about swaddling your little one, we recommend seeking the advice of a medical professional.

– How to Swaddle your Baby –

8 simple steps:

1. Fold down one corner into the centre of the blanket

2. Ensure that your baby’s shoulders are in-line with the fold

3. Pull the swaddle across and downwards over your baby, keeping his/her arm tight to the body

4. Tuck the excess fabric under the baby 5. Check the baby’s legs and hips have room to move

5. Check the baby’s legs and hips have room to move

6. Fold the bottom corner up and tuck into the first fold (under the baby’s chin)

7. Pull the final corner across the baby, keeping his/her arm tight to the body

8. Tuck the excess fabric comfortably under your new baby burrito!

– Why Swaddle your Baby? –


Swaddling is used to mimic the pressure that baby has been used to in the womb, this familiarity often soothes baby and leads to better sleep and a happier little one. Babies are prone to being startled, which is one of many reasons they may have difficulty sleeping. Having been tightly snuggled in the womb for 9months baby needs to learn how to control his/her limb movements, during this time they can be startled by the sudden movements they make. It’s this shock that regularly wakes them or makes them more alert when they were drifting off. The newly found freedom and lack of control over the limbs is why you will often see little one scratching or hitting themselves. Swaddling gives that extra comfort in knowing that this startled behaviour is unlikely to happen.

– Top Swaddling Tips –

1. Do not swaddle baby at every sleep

2. Stop swaddling baby at approx. 3months, or as soon as baby is rolling over

3. Always pop baby to sleep on his/her back and never on the tummy

4. Never cover baby’s face/head with the swaddle blanket

5. Make sure they’re not swaddled too tightly around the hips

5. Always use a lightweight blanket to ensure they don’t overheat


– Twelve Ways to use Swaddle Muslins –

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