How to Store Soft, Cuddly Toys

October 6, 2022Advice, How to, Information

Teddy bears, cute dolls, plush puppies and snuggly tigers… their playroom is bursting at the seams with soft, cuddly toys! Toys are a big part of your little one’s life, keeping them safe from monsters and joining them on fun adventures, so it’s no surprise your home is full of them.

But more toys also means more clutter. As they have more birthdays and special occasions, the amount of cuddly toys will only increase in number. That’s why organisation is key to keeping your little one’s soft toys (and their nursery) tidy. Here are our five favourite storage ideas for cuddly toys!

Classic toy box

Top tip – before you start organising all of these cute, cuddly toys make sure your little one actually wants them all. There’s no point organising things they never wanted in the first place!

The classic toy box is the gold standard in children’s soft toy storage. From simple wooden chests to bright pink benches, there are many different styles to choose from. These storage boxes are super sturdy and easy to open and close, so their favourite characters are never too far out of their reach. Expertly crafted, these classic boxes will stay with your child as they grow up. With plenty of space for all of their favourite toys, the lid also doubles up as a bench for your little learner to rest on after a long day of play. 

A 100% wood toy box, like the White Star Design Toy Box, is a versatile, spacious and elegant cuddly toy storage solution that keeps all their toys neatly packed away. The lid also helps make sure they are kept free from dust, even when they’re being played with.

Fabric storage bags

Fabric storage bags are fabulous for managing storage in small spaces. Made from super-soft materials, these bags can be folded away when you’re not using them, but are also sturdy enough to hold all your little one’s toys and more. With three different sizes and gift sets to choose from, you can pick whichever one suits your needs best. 

With a range of colours and designs available, you can match your soft toy storage bags to your home decor. Parents that store their little ones’ toys in the living room love a neutral-toned bag, like our Grey Velvet Quilted Storage Bag, which makes a chic addition to communal spaces. Alternatively, you can opt for a bright and lively pattern; the Rainbow Polka Dot Storage Bag is perfect for adding a pop of colour to their nursery.

Under bed storage

Not all of their toys will be played with on a regular basis. All little ones have their favourites, which they’ll pull out time and time again. For those that they reach for less frequently, that they’ve grown out of, or that you want to keep for other children in the future, there’s one perfect place to store them: under their bed.

Add a playful pop of colour to a little one’s nursery and store the toys they don’t interact with as much to the Rainbow Storage Trunk Set. Store these sweet trunks out of the way under a little one’s bed until they wish to play with them again. 

For long-term storage, storage bins are fantastic for stowing beloved teddies and games away and protecting them from the elements. To keep treasured toys safe and free from dust, pop them in a secure and sturdy keepsake box, like the Welcome to the World Wooden Keepsake Box.

Hanging storage

When you’ve got no floor space left for storage, it’s time to look upwards! Soft toy hanging storage makes use of all that lovely vertical space hiding behind doors and on the walls. These handy storage solutions can be hung off hooks — or Command Strips, if you’re renting. Cute and practical, hanging storage can also double as an adorable nursery decoration.

Check out this super sweet Dinosaur Design Storage Sack, which can be hung on a peg to keep their favourite dino toys safe and tidy. Alternatively get ready for the multitude of cuddly Christmas companions and shop our Pink Fairy Christmas Sack to make room for more Christmas magic this year! 

Storage drawers

There are so many gorgeous storage drawers available these days, so you can pick the perfect option to match your decor.

For nursery decoration, opt for a spacious set of drawers painted in calming tones, like the Tender Leaf Toys Bunny Design Storage Drawers Set, which comes with large wicker boxes which provide lots of space for cuddly toys, teethers and clothing. This storage unit is also sturdy enough to double up as a bench seat for when they need to take a break from playtime. 

If you’re looking to encourage them to keep their room organised, a bright and colourful set of drawers such as the Peppa Pig Storage Unit will get them excited to tidy away their toys at the end of the day! After all, you simply can’t go wrong with Peppa Pig! 

Picking the best storage option for your child

We hope we’ve given you some handy ideas for soft toy storage. Whether you prefer colourful bags or a neutral-toned toy box, there are tons of storage options available to you and your little one. What’s most important is that you select options that fit their personality and the space you have available.

My 1st Years offers a variety of toy boxes, storage bags and more, so you can pick the right storage solutions that suit your child’s unique needs. Plus, you can add their name to these designs with our personalisation service to help encourage them to keep their space neat and tidy.