How to (re)decorate your baby’s nursery

April 9, 2021Advice, How to

Before your child is even born, their nursery will already be the most important room in your home. This is a sanctuary for your growing family, where you nurture your new arrival, from early morning cuddles to late night feeds and midday naps. Even though they may not initially spend their nights here, the nursery is an important space for little babies to rest, play and grow so that they can achieve important milestones and make memories with you. 

We all know how exciting it can be to prepare the nursery for a new bundle of joy but it can be just as fun to refresh and redecorate as they get bigger. From cool colours to playful new characters, we have put together our top tips to make it as easy as possible to find your nursery style and keep it feeling fresh. 

Keep reading for our 5 favourite ways to change up their nursery.

For the first three months of life, babies’ sight is limited to shades of grey, black and white as they begin to recognise the shape of the world around them. During this time, a monochrome or neutral colour palette will protect your little one from overstimulation. 

As your baby gets older, add in items with a pop of colour that will brighten and open up their space, give their decor an easy update and support their early development. From around 6 months, babies can begin to appreciate different tones and colours, so opt for softer shades over bold neons. To amplify the cognitive benefits of their neutral nursery, choose contrasting colours, like in these keepsake drawers, or progress slowly with pastels, like these rainbow bookends

As your child grows up and their own personality begins to shine through, it will become increasingly important for them to have more of a say in the style and colour of their space.  Choose products that match, both each other and your little one’s taste, for a cohesive space that is all their own. Treat a little dreamer to a room full of rainbows or fill a little animal lover’s room with adorable new friends

Whatever you do, be mindful that it could take until your child is as old as seven before they are able to distinguish between what’s real and what’s imagined. Stick to colours and characters that promote a restful environment or add a few friendly monsters to keep the bad dreams away.  

The easiest decor hack we have found is to make their (many) toys work double duty. From traditional designs to super cute characters, these beloved pieces will look much better on display than they do hidden away in a storage bag. If you have any personalised pieces with your child’s name on them, this is a wonderful way to elevate their nursery decor and let them know that this is their own special space. Whether your little one has an adorable collection of matching soft toys or a selection of pretty painted wooden toys, display their favourites on shelving, changing tables and drawers for a playful touch.

We have already considered how interior design choices can support your baby’s development, but what about their futures? For a more eco-friendly nursery, look for items made with sustainably sourced materials, such as toxin-free recycled sawdust or responsibly farmed rubber wood. The use of these materials is essential to boost local economies and to help tackle global deforestation. 

To make your child’s room more environmentally friendly, there are small steps you can take to incorporate sustainability into this space. Set up a little colouring corner in your child’s room with their own wooden table and chair set, bring the wonder of nature indoors through decor or drape an organic cotton blanket across a cot or feeding chair between naps. As you continue to decorate and redecorate this room, look out for brands that champion sustainable practices and use these items to talk to your children about just how important it is to make smart choices that take care of us and our planet. 

Whatever their age, patterns are a great choice to change up the look and feel of a room. For babies under the age of 6 months, contrast and pattern can be more important than colour, the more striking the better. 

Make their space more playful without getting too tacky or twee with a selection of stylish patterns in low-key colours. Introduce new shapes within their eye-line with a sweet spring-themed cot tidy or subtle star knit blanket and get your toddler excited to start school in September by hanging their brand new backpack right where they can see it. For bonus points, choose patterned storage to keep their clutter at bay to maintain a calm nursery space. 

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