How To Prepare for the First Day of School

August 24, 2018How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Uncategorised

Every milestone in parenthood is magical, yet there is something about your little one starting school that marks a moment more special than most. Maybe it’s the realisation that they’re taking their first independent leap into the big world, or it’s because it’s the first time many parents realise their little one isn’t so little anymore – whatever the reason, watching your child enter the school gates for the first time is all at once exciting and scary. Getting ready for such a big day can be a daunting task, so it’s important to start preparation in advance and be clear on what to do. If your little one is starting school soon, here’s what we think you should know:-



Our biggest and most important piece of advice is to prepare ahead as much as you can. Life with little ones is never predictable but we can guarantee, organising your school mornings the night before will help everything to run more smoothly. Try prepping easy breakfasts, such as overnight oats, packing their backpacks and having their uniform ironed and laid out.

These may sound like small things but knowing that they’re ready to go in the morning will make it so much quicker to get the children ready. Additionally, less time spent sorting things in the morning means you have more minutes to catch up with your little one over breakfast which is always a win!


Once little ones start school they will be introduced to a number of situations where they will have to learn to be independent for the first time. This is likely to be a big change for them since for most of their infant years children rely almost entirely on their parents.

To ensure they’re not overwhelmed by this new responsibility, we suggest opening them up to more situations in which they carry out tasks themselves before they start school. The sooner they get comfortable being able to do little things alone, the less likely they are to be scared of being on their new school adventure.


Books are a great way to introduce children to big changes. Specifically, books focused on the first day of school can help little ones get excited about starting school, by positioning it as an adventure and using friendly characters to make it seem less scary.

Further, reading books is a great way to open conversation will little ones, allowing them to ask questions and express any concerns they may have related to starting school.


Whenever you can, making an effort to celebrate your little one’s achievements is important as it encourages them to remain excited about their new school adventure. Even acknowledging small wins like children helping you to pack their school bag or your little one managing to keep their uniform clean is sure to help them inspire confidence in themselves, as well as allow them to associate school with positivity and fun.