How to make your baby feel safe and secure whilst sleeping

July 31, 2020Advice, How to, Parenting, Uncategorised



Written by: Baby Sleep Expert Jo Tantum, on behalf of Purflo

The safest most secure place for your baby was inside your womb. All cosy and tucked up , they were the soft sides of the womb all around them. It’s no wonder then that when your baby is born they can be very unsettled unless they are in your arms. And as much as we would love to spend all day and night with them snuggled up to us, it’s just not practical or safe to do that all the time.
So what’s the next best thing? How do we replicate that safe , secure , enclosed feeling for them?


Swaddling has been around for centuries and although practises have changed over the years as we learn about things like hip dysplasia and breathable fabrics it’s still comforting for newborns. Make sure you use a light breathable material, having a swaddle that you can just zip up or Velcro together is easier in those sleep deprived few months! Use a swaddle sleeping bed for naps and night times. This will help your baby feel secure and will stop the ‘moro’ or startle reflex which will wake them up as they drop into sleep.


The Sleep Tight Baby Bed by Purflo is the next best thing to your arms when trying to get them to settle. It’s totally breathable and has a firm surface. It means that your baby will feel more secure as they can see the sides around them – all be it in fuzzy focus! They will also feel cocooned rather than being in a large space which can make them fret and fuss.
Both the swaddle and the sleep tight bed will become triggers for sleep as part of their routine. You can take them wherever you go so your baby always feels safe.