How to make dad feel special this fathers day

June 14, 2021Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Uncategorised

Father’s Day is the perfect chance to celebrate all the dads, granddads, fathers-in-law, and other paternal figures in our lives and show them just how much we appreciate them. 

Now that the country is all but out of lockdown (touch wood), we’re sure you’re considering how to help a dearest dad feel special this fathers day. Luckily for us we’ll be able to see our family properly, give them a huge hug and celebrate the special day either indoors or outdoors. Keep reading for some great ways to make this Fathers Day one to remember.

Get some fresh air

Going outside and getting some fresh air is a great way to change up the scenery whilst doing something fun for Father’s Day. Now that it’s June, this is the perfect time to get outdoors and soak up some of that summer sun! Nothing can beat the classic ‘going for a walk’ to spend some quality time together as a family. Now that we’re allowed: invite the grandparents, aunties and cousins and make a day of it. Bring a little one along to help them take their first steps somewhere special and if they get too tired, stop at the local cafe for a break. Maybe even include a picnic in the park in your walk and play some games to tire your toddler out. 

Have a splash at the seaside 

Now that the weather is finally looking up, take a trip to the seaside with the family to catch some rays and make a splash. A local beach could be the perfect location to spend a fun-filled Fathers Day. This could be a newborn’s first time at the seaside so make it special by teaching them how to build sandcastles and dipping their toes into the rippling waves to cool them down. Add a touch of love by treating dad to a pasty or an ice cream after a swim and show him that you really care. 

Make a day of it! 

Make Fathers Day unforgettable by taking them to a zoo or wildlife park for the day. Maybe this is the first chance for your little one to see any wild animals. You can make the day special while admiring the animals by taking a picnic, or having a photoshoot with the tigers. Alternatively if the dad you’re celebrating is an adrenaline junkie like many are, take him and any little one’s in your family to a theme park for the day! Now that attractions have opened, this is a great day out for a fun-family trip. Many rides these days are family-friendly and your little one will love experiencing a day out, especially if they haven’t been to a theme park before!

Throw a games or movie night 

If the father you’re celebrating has a competitive streak or loves games (who doesn’t), spend some quality time together on the evening of fathers day by playing the best family-friendly games you can think of. Board games like the classic Monopoly or card games such as charades or UNO will be sure to bring out people’s competitive natures – as long as everyone’s having fun and no tantrums have been thrown, everything’s fine.
Once you’ve let Dad win the games, put on your pjs, get all snuggly and curl up on the sofa and put on a classic family film, (or Dad’s favourite). Have some popcorn and drinks at the ready and enjoy the evening spending some quality time as a family. 

Enjoy a meal out 

Fathers Day this year should be a little easier to celebrate than Mothers Day was and luckily we are now able to dine out in our favourite restaurants again. To celebrate the dad in yours or your little one’s life, make them feel loved by treating them to their favourite restaurant. Make a reservation at your restaurant of choice in advance to guarantee your table and show Dad that he’s loved today and every other day. You’ll soon find out if the way to a man’s heart really is through their stomach! 

Alternatively, choose a Covid-safe activity at home…

If your family is being cautious at the moment, there are still plenty of ways to make a dad feel special at home:

Make them breakfast in bed 

Treat Dad to a well-deserved lie in and bring him breakfast in bed – this is guaranteed to bring a smile to his face. Show that you care by preparing his all-time favourite breakfast or something he wouldn’t usually have time to make and bring it to him in bed, so he can stay cosy and start the day off on a really good foot (or backside). Little one’s may need help coordinating the magic but we’re sure no noise around the house will be louder than Dad’s snoring, so you should be all set.  

Party in the garden

To make a father feel special, invite their closest loved ones round and celebrate the day in your back garden. Food, drinks and presents galore, dads will be sure to cherish any time spent in the sunshine with their family. Who needs to go out for a fancy meal, when you can have bbqs and drinks in the comfort of your own home. A little planning and preparation could go a long way to making Dad feel extra special on his day! 

However you choose to celebrate the father in your or your little one’s life, we’re sure that he’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of love and appreciation he’s been blessed with. Use the #My1stYears and tag us on Instagram with @My1stYears to show us what you get up to this Fathers Day!  

With love,

My 1st Years x