How to host an eco-friendly baby shower

May 1, 2020Uncategorised

The celebration experts at Ginger Ray are here to give you their top tips for hosting your own eco-friendly Baby Shower. 

With everything that’s going on in the world, we’re all trying to be a little more eco-conscious with our celebrations. If you are thinking of hosting an eco-friendly baby shower but want a few tips and tricks, keep reading! While throwing an environmentally friendly party may require a little more thought and effort, it’s been known to end up costing less than a ‘traditional’ approach without any of the excess waste – what could be better than that? 

Going eco doesn’t have to be complicated, with just a few simple adjustments it’s easy to throw a chic but green baby shower without sacrificing any of the fun. 

The Invites


Once you have decided who to invite to the baby shower, you’ll need to send out some invitations to let them know! The best way of doing this is to go paperless and send them out digitally. This can be done via email, social media or by using an e-invitation site like e-vite if you want to make them a bit more special. 

by sending the invites digitally you can send them out to a large number of people and not have to worry about the cost of producing them or the postage. Another bonus is that it will give you an easy way of keeping track of all your responses. Alternatively, we can understand there is a place for physical invites and some people simply prefer this. If this is the case, then perhaps just choose invitations made from natural or recycled materials. 

Eco-friendly decorations 


When it comes to decorating your baby shower in an eco-friendly way, you need to have three things in mind: organic, reusable and recycled. There are now heaps of products out there that are made from natural materials and are without harmful finishes or chemicals. Some balloons now use natural latex with paper confetti making them more eco-conscious! 

You could always re-use decorations from a previous baby shower you may have bought for someone recently. If you are buying new decorations – ensure they can be re-used and will be long lasting. If they are going to be thrown away, make sure they are biodegradable or recyclable. 

Lastly, why not decorate with natural elements, like flowers, shells, pine-cones, anything you can find that looks cute and can make your baby shower eco-chic! 

Discourage gift wrapping and switch to hand-me-downs 


Let your guests know that you would prefer they didn’t wrap their gifts. Take the pressure off by asking them to bring the gift as it is. If they do want to wrap it, let them get creative with it! They could use brown paper or even wrap them in baby blankets or sheets – a gift within a gift! Alternatively, when shopping with My1stYears, opt for the eco box at check-out for an environmentally-friendly method of sending a gift. 

Another good tip is to welcome hand-me-downs. Babies outgrow clothing super quickly and often Mums have loads of baby clothes that have hardly been worn. This also makes good use of clothing that would either be thrown away or sat in someone’s cupboard not being used! 

Encourage homemade over shop-bought food 


Skip the plastic and go natural at your baby shower. Buy as much organic and local food as you can, why not do some home cooking to cut down even further on packaging. If this task seems mammoth and overwhelming, speak with your guests. maybe you could each make a dish or bake something at home and bring it to the baby shower. Just make sure everyone has enough notice to prepare something, nobody wants a last minute panic! 

Going eco doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on the food, there are loads of options! Here’s a few ideas: fresh fruit, pitta bread with homemade dip, homemade sweet treats like biscuits or fairy cakes, fresh salads, homemade pasta dishes, homemade sandwiches. The list goes on and if everyone’s chipping in, they may think of something you wouldn’t have thought of! 

Keep it personal with a guest book


There are elements of a baby shower that are too cute to sacrifice; however you don’t need to worry as there are many eco-conscious guest book options out there. A ginger ray puzzle guest book is made of natural materials with no harmful finishes. As well as a wonderful keepsake it also doubles up as a cute game for when baby is a bit older! 



In this instance – if you want to be 100% – the best thing to do is skip disposables and use your own crockery. By using what you already have, you’re cutting down on a lot of waste; however if this is not an option for whatever reason, choose your tableware carefully! Try and avoid tableware that has any harmful finishes and make sure it’s made from natural materials. In terms of confetti, make it more substantial – instead of using cheap plastics why not try something like our ginger ray wooden baby confetti. Also think about how you can up-cycle it after the party, maybe you can use it around the baby’s room or in a scrapbook – the possibilities are endless!