How to choose memorable first birthday gifts from grandparents

November 10, 2022Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration

A first birthday is an exciting occasion for the whole family. Everyone wants to celebrate a little one’s first 365 turns around the sun, including their grandparents. And we all know a birthday celebration means presents!

But finding a memorable first birthday gift isn’t easy. Luckily, with our handy guide to birthday gift ideas for grandchildren, you’ll soon find the perfect present.

How to choose first birthday gifts from grandparents

You know you’ve chosen a memorable first birthday gift when it’s fun, cute and will stand the test of time. Here’s what to look out for when shopping for first birthday gifts for your grandchildren.

Find out what your grandchild likes

Make sure your gift is memorable by choosing something you know your grandchild likes. This might seem a simple tip — after all, why would you buy something they don’t like — but so many gifts end up relegated to storage because children don’t play with them. Think about what they enjoy playing with most or their favourite animal, and go from there.

Stimulation or comfort?

The first few years of a little one’s life are crucial to their development, making educational toys a fantastic choice for a birthday gift. Designed to stimulate tots’ senses, educational toys help them develop important skills like hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

While toys are an easy (and sweet) win, they aren’t the only option. Little ones grow so quickly, and parents are always in need of new pyjamas and adorable outfits.

What will stand the test of time

If you want your gift to be memorable, it’ll need to be something they’ll cherish forever. Durable wooden gifts will last for many years and may even be enjoyed by your great-grandchildren in the future.

Safety first

Safety should always be considered when buying anything for a child, including birthday presents. Buying from reputable manufacturers will make sure toys or clothing adhere to safety standards.

Go for personalisation!

Personalising their special birthday gift is the perfect way to make it memorable. While a soft toy is cute, a toy with the birthday tot’s name on its chest will quickly become their favourite nap-time companion.

Six memorable first birthday gifts from grandparents

Ready to start shopping? Here are our top six birthday gift ideas for grandchildren.

Clothing and accessories

From cosy dressing gowns and pyjama sets to welly boots and raincoats, there are dozens of clothing and accessory items you can gift to your adorable grandchild. Growing tots always need new clothing, so you can’t go wrong with a sweet jacket or outfit.

Plus, as they get ready to take their first steps, they’ll require comfy and sturdy shoes to help them on their way! A reminder of one of the most important developmental milestones, parents will remember those shoes for years to come.

Cuddly toys

Cuddly toys are a classic baby gift for good reason. Lots of children rely on their favourite toys to soothe them to sleep, and many keep them close throughout their life. Ask any adult, and they’ll likely be able to tell you the name of their beloved childhood teddy!


Look no further than a special keepsake gift for a more practical first birthday gift that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time. Adorable money boxes or personalised baby blankets make wonderful mementoes for a tot’s first years.

Wooden toys

With a lovely natural texture, wooden toys are long-lasting, beautiful, sanitary and perfect for helping children develop hand-eye coordination.

From push-along activity walkers to playsets, countless adorable wooden toys are available to help one-year-olds develop their fine motor skills, matching abilities and creative thinking.

Puzzles and activity toys

Puzzles and activity toys are wonderful for inspiring developing minds! These toys are designed to keep little ones entertained for hours as they grab, arrange, move and match. Our favourite gift ideas for engaging children’s curiosity include shape sorters, wooden puzzles, stackers and activity cubes.


Last but not least, we have books. Books are an essential part of any child’s life, helping them learn about the world, develop their language skills and engage their imagination.

Make your gift memorable with personalisation

Whether you choose an engaging wooden toy, cuddly teddy bear or adorable pair of shoes, add a little one’s name to turn your thoughtful gift into a memorable keepsake with our personalisation service. For more inspiration, look at our selection of personalised first birthday gifts from grandparents.