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How to Celebrate Small Moments With Your Children

February 26, 2019Celebrate with us, Celebrations

Of course we parents get excited about those major milestone moments. Every birthday, at Christmas, on the first day of school, there we are with balloons, gifts and cameras at the ready. But what about those ordinary, everyday moments when great things happen?

When our little one learns to tie their shoes, or rides a bike without training wheels, or loses their first tooth – those tiny moments are just as precious as the big ones and we want them to feel special, too. But planning a party every time seems a bit much, not to mention a bit expensive! Here are a few simple, sweet ideas to make small moments memorable, in a way that’s unique to you.


Create a memento

 When something important or wonderful happens, make something out of it. Yes, literally! Let your child loose on the paints and crayons, so they can draw a picture or write down their memories. Take photos of the moment and collage them together. You’ll be left with a handmade, physical reminder – a memory that lives with you, ready to display proudly on your fridge or shelf.

celebrate small moments - keepsake

 Keep a keepsake box

 A lot of little moments come with mementos built-in. It could be the first tooth that fell, a really great report card or a ticket to an event. Treasure these little items in a special keepsake box like this one. Make a big deal out of pulling the box out from its shelf and reverently putting an item inside. Your child will love this little ritual, which even the busiest Mummies and Daddies have time for.

celebrate small moments - special meal

 Share a special meal

 You don’t have to commemorate an occasion by going out to eat or by cooking a Christmas dinner’s worth of goodies. All you need is one special dish up your sleeve. It could be a really great cake (probably chocolatey!) or those fried chicken fingers that only get served as a treat. Cooking something your child will love is an easy way to show your love, and it automatically brings the whole family together to celebrate.

celebrate small moments - family

 Tell the whole world!

 Okay, maybe not the entire world but at least Grandma and Grandad! You want your child to know how proud you are of them. What better way than to tell everyone how great they are? Your little one will bask in the praise of their favourite adults. Invite family over to share food (see above) or pencil in a Skype date with long-distance relatives and let your amazing child do all the talking.

celebrate small moments - day out

 Go on a great day out

You don’t need a special occasion to plan a day out with the kids. But sometimes, life gets in the way and our weekends disappear behind the ironing pile or the bags of groceries. Use special occasions as a reminder to get some quality time in with your little ones. You might start a tradition (say, going out for ice cream sundaes!) or you might pick a new place to explore every time. Why not let your little one choose and go with the flow?

We celebrate with our children because we want them to know they are loved. That’s why the most important part of any celebration isn’t the cake or even the photos. It’s giving your child your complete, undivided attention and letting them know how much you care. Whenever and however you give them that blessing, it becomes a warm memory for keeps.