How to Celebrate Mother’s Day with the Kids

March 28, 2019Celebrate with us, Celebrations, How to

For all the family breakfasts, school drop offs, goodnight kisses and so much more. There’s a million reasons why you love Mum and a million ways to show her you care. This year, forget about the expensive gifts and brunch reservations and celebrate Mother’s Day by spending some quality family time together. It really is the best gift you can give her so here’s some thoughtful ideas of ways to spend it that will have her beaming with delight.

Celebrate Mothers Day | Breakfast

Make her breakfast in bed

Pancakes, eggs, bacon, coffee. A recipe for success for a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. This lovely tradition allows her to make the most of her warm comfy bed where she can lie in for as long as she wants without worrying about any to-do lists. She’ll appreciate the gesture so much more when it’s homemade by the kids (all supervised of course).


Celebrate Mothers Day | Day off

Give her the day off

A study has found that the average mother gets just 17 minutes of time to herself every day! Turn this rare moment of peace into an entire day of ‘me time’ for mum. Whether she wants to catch up on her favourite TV shows or get stuck into a good book she’ll love this chance to relax. While she puts her feet up, take care of all the little errands and have the kids help out with dinner and dishes for the night.


Celebrate Mothers Day | Memory Box

Create a memories box together

Keep memories close to mum’s heart by creating a keepsake memory box together. Take the time to reminisce over all the happy memories you shared in the last year. Gather photos, tickets and holiday mementos so you can look back and smile at all the big and small moments that mean the most to her.


Celebrate Mothers Day | Charity

Volunteer at her favourite charity

For the mum that wants to make a difference, spend the day with the whole family volunteering at a charity of her choice. She’ll love the idea of her gift giving so much joy to others and the feeling of contributing to the larger community. At the same time, this experience will foster a sense of compassion and empathy in your children so it’s an activity that will truly benefit everyone.


Celebrate Mothers Day | Picnic

Plan a family picnic

If the spring sunshine makes an appearance this Mother’s Day then make the most of it by spending it outdoors. A picnic is the perfect excuse to enjoy a family meal together without having to deal with the typical busy restaurants and expensive brunches. Simply find a lovely park nearby, plan a kid-friendly menu and don’t forget the dessert!


Celebrate Mothers Day | Games

Have a family game night

It might feel a little old fashioned for the tech obsessed kids but once you introduce a family game night into the picture, they’ll be asking for it again and again.

Whether you choose a classic like Monopoly or you opt for card games instead, it’s the type of activity that can form strong bonds in your family. Not only will you celebrate wins together but also teach your kids good sportsmanship skills. No matter who wins, it makes for a memorable night of laughter, fun and games and mum will cherish this tech-free time with the family.


Celebrate Mothers Day | Baking

Bake something together

There’s no better way to show mum your love and appreciation than with some yummy homemade treats. Put your little one’s creative skills to work and spend time together in the kitchen baking something special for her. With her favourite flavours in mind and plenty of sprinkles nearby, your kids will love this hands-on activity and gain a sense of accomplishment when they see the smile on mum’s face.

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