How to celebrate Mother’s Day in Lockdown

March 6, 2021Celebrate with us, Celebrations, How to, Real life

Mother’s Day: a day dedicated to the wonderful women who make our children’s worlds go round. Following the lockdown baby booms, for many new mamas this is their first Mother’s Day and milestones like this have never felt more difficult or more important to mark. While you can’t celebrate with a traditional meal out or take a day trip away and many of us still can’t see our own Mums for a cuddle, this Mother’s Day can still be one to remember (for all the right reasons.) Keep reading for some easy ways to make the Mum in your life feel extra special on Sunday. 

The old traditions are still the best and breakfast in bed is guaranteed to put a smile on Mum’s face. All of her favourite breakfast foods hand delivered directly to her and she doesn’t even need to move from bed? Perfect. While older children may be able to take care of this themselves, babies and toddlers will need a bit more help from another adult to make the magic happen. Just make sure to get yourself up for baby’s morning feed before Mum does to give her the gift of a few hours of extra sleep. To add an extra touch of love, serve her coffee or tea in a new mug to show her just how loved she is, today and every day. 

By now we’re all very well practiced at family walks: we’ve tried out every route, explored every path and have basically memorised every tree in the local woods. Add a bit more personality to your Mother’s Day walk with a special outfit designed just for Mum and her little one with a pair of matching denim jackets. Choose from floral embroidery or a simple style. Take some fun photos of Mum and her mini-me in their matching jackets and put them in a special photo frame ready to give her as a gift next Mother’s Day (we won’t tell, promise!) 

Freshen up the four walls of your home for Mother’s Day with some sweet handmade decorations. Make some paper chains or a string or DIY bunting to brighten up your walls and create a celebratory atmosphere. Ask your toddlers to pick out Mum’s favourite colours and help them stick it all together or dip baby’s fingers in some child friendly paint to add some pops and splodges of colour to paper decorations. A little bit of decor could go a long way to making Mum feel extra special! 

While you can’t spoil Mum with a trip to the Ritz, bring the novelty of afternoon tea to your living room instead. Make some time (and some mess) in the kitchen a few days beforehand to bake up an array of tasty treats and get the kids involved. Take inspiration from your little one’s favourite wooden toys and practice proper tea time etiquette with them with their own personalised tea set

Forget ‘five minutes peace’, give Mum the gift of some much-needed me time. Take your toddlers out for a big adventure in the local park or take advantage of baby’s afternoon nap time to run some errands while they sleep peacefully in a buggy or baby carrier. For bonus points, encourage your kids to really run around or engage your baby in all the sights and sounds of your local area so that they’re extra tired (and quiet) when you eventually get home. 

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