How to celebrate baby’s 1st birthday as lockdown begins to lift!

April 30, 2021Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Gifts, How to, Party, Things To Do

Congratulations! You made it through your first year of parenthood. Not only that, you did it  during perhaps the most stressful year possible, and now your lockdown baby is turning one. With lockdown easing and more and more opening up, you might be feeling overwhelmed as to what you actually can do now to celebrate. To take some of the stress off your shoulders, we’ve rounded up five ways to make your baby’s first birthday the best they’ll ever have. 

Perhaps the most exciting change since the UK began to reopen is the chance to see each other. Since 12th April, either up to six people (children of all ages are included in this count) or two households can meet up outside in England and Scotland, six people from up to six households can meet up outside in Wales, and up to ten people from no more than two households can meet outdoors in a private garden in Northern Ireland (fifteen from April 30th.) While you still need to maintain social distancing from anyone not in your household or bubble, this opens up a lot more opportunities for families to get together to celebrate such a special occasion. 

So, I guess that means it’s time to throw a party in the garden! Gather the family round on a wooden bench and let the littles play together in an at-home sand pit, all personalised with the name of the birthday boy or girl. Add some pretty decorations, some yummy cake and plenty of love and you’ve got the recipe for a very happy little birthday party. 

Whether it’s a sparkly new t-shirt to tell the world that they are one today, a roomy baby romper or a play-time ready sweat set, make sure your little one is looking their birthday-best with a new outfit. 

While we’re sure you’ve already spent the past year capturing every little thing your baby has done on your phone camera, nothing beats a professional quality photo. Luckily, photography is fairly easy to achieve with distancing measures still in place and these photos can double as a wonderful keepsake to share with close friends and family. Take your favourite photo from the day (and every month of their life so far) and add it in pride of place in this ‘My 1st Year’ photo frame. Popular first birthday photoshoot trends to try include cake smashes and outdoor picnic set-ups. 

If you are lucky enough to have family nearby or friends in your bubble who can babysit, take advantage of this to have some alone time, either with your partner or a close friend. Celebrate everything that you have achieved this year, from bringing a new life into the world to muddling through it all amidst the chaos of local and national lockdowns. Although from now on your child’s birthdays will be all about them, take this year to reward yourself for all the hard work that you have put in since they were born. 

However the past year has treated you, reaching this big milestone should be a moment to remember for all the right reasons. Visit somewhere completely new with your little one for the first time, make a mould of their tiny hands and feet and turn it into pottery or plant a tree that can grow alongside your child. These memories will stay with you long after the last balloon has popped on the big day and your child may even remember them as they get older. 

However you choose to celebrate your baby’s very first birthday this year, the most important thing is that you enjoy it. Relax, take a moment to breathe and try not to worry if anything goes wrong. After all, where small children are involved, something always does. Remember to tag us on Instagram @my1styears and use #my1styears so that we can share the celebrations with you! 

With love,

My 1st Years x