How to be Featured on our Instagram Feed: 7 Dos and Don’ts

February 19, 2019How to, Lifestyle, Parenting

It warms our hearts when we scroll through Instagram to see adorable children  wearing My 1st Years, wrapped in robes and blankets with their names on, playing with personalised toys we made just for them. Whenever we find a great photo, we jump at the chance to share it on our feed so all our followers can gasp at the cuteness, too.

Would you like to be featured on our Instagram? All you need to do is submit a great photo! Unfortunately, some of the images we see are a bit too dark, blurry or jumbled to share. But taking a beautiful, high-quality picture is really easy – just follow our quick tips below.

instagram light

  1. DO find your best light

The flash on your phone camera is never the best source of light for baby photos. The harsh glare flattens your pics and removes all the warmth. To get the best results, use natural daylight to brighten your shots. Outdoor photo shoots can be nice in the summer, but at this time of year, they’re not much fun. Instead, take your photo beside a big window for soft yet bright natural lighting.

instagram filter

  1. DON’T use filters

It can be tempting to jazz up your shot with an Instagram filter. You might want to make the colours richer or to experiment with black & white. In our experience, filters are best avoided when taking photos of kids. Even subtle filters create an artificial look that just feels unnecessary. You don’t need any bells and whistles to get your kids looking gorgeous – their dazzling smiles do the job well enough!

instagram personalised

  1. DO showcase personalised products

Personalisation is what makes My 1st Years so unique – it’s what we want people to remember us by. That’s why the majority of our Instagram photos showcase personalised products. So when you’re taking pictures of your kids wearing and playing with My 1st Years, it’s great if you show off the personalised details you picked out yourself. Try to show the personalisation clearly and prominently, so it can be easily seen and read.

instagram background

  1. DON’T clutter the background

If you take a photo in an untidy space, all that clutter will attract the eye. You want the attention on your little one, not on last week’s washing pile! Take your photo against a sleek and tidy background that’s ideally in a soft, neutral colour. A simple rug, a blanket or a plain wall is perfect. Bold, busy patterns do look great in the home sometimes, but in a photo, they can be distracting and take the focus away from what’s important.

instagram square

  1. DO fit the image in a square

Like most people, we only use square-format photos in our Instagram feed. Long and wide shots are great for some but a bit too arty for us! Make sure your picture can fit in a classic Instagram square without cutting off essential bits like personalised details (as we mentioned in point 3, above). You’ll know it’s fine as long as it looks good on your own Instagram feed!

instagram tag

  1. DON’T forget to tag us

Even if you take the most gorgeous photo ever, we won’t be able to share it if we never see it in the first place. Remember to tag your photos with #my1styears. Then we’ll have no problem finding it, and we’ll know we have your permission to share it.

instagram fun

  1. DO have lots of fun!

Even if you get the lighting and the background perfect, your photo won’t turn out right if you and your precious wee ones aren’t having fun. Play around and get silly during your photo shoot, so baby doesn’t get too grumpy. And remember, if they’re not having it today, there’ll always be another chance. You never know when a picture-perfect moment might appear!

Need some inspiration? Check out My 1st Years Instagram feed to discover gorgeous photos taken by other parents and grandparents.