Highlights Of Our #My1stMumhood Event

May 22, 2017Behind The Scenes, Events, Uncategorised

If you follow us on social media you might have seen how excited we were for our #My1stMumhood Event. We invited some of our nearest and dearest Mummy friends along to Move Your Frame in Kings Cross, London, to take part in a fabulously fun post-natal fitness class and talk with Mumhood Founder, Joan. It was an amazing morning of socialising and proving that even with little ones you can keep fit and healthy!

#My1stMumhood – Watch the Video

#My1stMumhood – The Fitness Class 




We invited Mums with babies as young as two weeks old to the class, so Joan gave a low impact but intense session using body weight and resistance bands. Joan explained how each movement can help to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, ab separation, strength for lifting growing babies and other issues us Mums experience.

Many Mum’s believe that they won’t have the time or space to work out with a small baby or hyper toddler, but we proved that having some Mum-time is possible with little one’s in tow! Mums squatted whilst holding their baby, lunged whilst rocking a pram and even let their toddlers climb on their backs whilst they worked their glutes!

#My1stMumhood – The Q&A With Joan


After the workout Joan, Founder of Mumhood, shared her expertise with the group in a Q&A session. Discussing topics such as the best time of day to work out, when to start running after childbirth and ab separation, as well as giving some basic nutritional advice.

#My1stMumhood – Tasty Treats



Move Your Frame provided a delicious selection of fresh tropical fruit and vegan smoothies for all of our guests and their tiny tots to tuck into while Joan did her Q&A session.

Take a look at some of our guests with their gorgeous little ones >>

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#My1stMumhood – Final Touches

The event ended with each of the guests taking home a goody bag filled with healthy snacks, their very own t-shirt and monogrammed towel. We loved meeting all of the mums and mini guests and cannot wait to have another fun event in the future!