Gifts for new mums that aren’t for the baby

October 11, 2022Gift Inspiration, Real life

So, a close friend or family member has recently become a new mum. Hurray! Having a baby is incredibly exciting, but new mums often find themselves overlooked in favour of their bundle of joy.

While you should shower newborns with gifts, new mums deserve a treat after going through 40 weeks of pregnancy, labour and childbirth. That’s why it’s important to surprise new parents with a thoughtful present for their tot and a gift for mum. Their special present should be personal, practical or enjoyable, not a toy or gadget for the baby.

Here are seven interesting non-baby gifts for new parents to help or really spoil the new mum in your life.

1. Pre-prepared meals

The last thing a new parent wants to do when sleep-deprived is cook a hearty meal. Keeping up their energy and maintaining their health is vital at this time, but with a baby strapped to their front around the clock, heading to the kitchen can feel like more hassle than it’s worth.

Take the one thing off their to-do list by making sure their freezer is stocked with pre-prepared meals. If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, you can prepare these yourself or opt for a food delivery service like Cook.

2. Self-care box

New mums deserve a pamper session. If your friend is a fan of manicures, facials, or a good beauty treatment, bring the spa to her living room with a thoughtful self-care box.

Grab a basket and fill it with face masks, luxurious hand cream, nail polish and more — anything that will help her feel pampered, relaxed and beautiful.

3. Comfy slippers

Between midnights spent pacing around the nursery to rushing endless loads of baby grows through the wash, mum is going to be on her feet a lot. A comfy pair of machine-washable slippers will make sure her feet are warm and comfortable. Plus, few things are as relaxing as slipping your toes into a pair of fluffy slippers.

4. Luxurious loungewear

Your friend will be spending a lot of time at home over the coming months, so she deserves something comfortable and luxurious to relax in. New mums will love a matching pair of pyjamas, a cosy loungewear set or a fluffy dressing gown. Whatever you opt for, make sure your gift is machine-washable.

5. A massage

A massage is the ultimate gift for relaxing a stressed new mum. While she may not be able to make it to the spa straight away, the promise of a gentle and calming postnatal massage on the horizon will be a hugely appreciated gift. You get extra credit if you babysit her tot while she’s out.

6. Your company

It can be easy to assume new mums want to spend all their time basking in the joy of their new family. Motherhood can be lonely, especially if their partner has to return to work soon following the baby’s arrival.

Give your friend your company for a day or an hour — whatever she prefers. Head over to her home and offer up your help in any way that can alleviate her stress. Some mums might just want to chat over a cup of tea, whereas others will be grateful for your help tidying up, cleaning or entertaining the baby while she has a shower.

7. Jewellery set

Baby and me jewellery sets make wonderful new baby gifts for parents. Yes, this gift is partly for the baby, but it’s mainly a thoughtful and commemorative gift for mum. We love this beautiful gold baby and me locket necklace gift set, which comes with a matching gold-plated lock for baby and mum. Plus, this gift can be personalised with a sweet engraved message to commemorate their little one’s birth.

When celebrating the arrival of a new life, celebrate the whole family with our beautiful selection of thoughtful and personalisable new baby gifts.