Gifting By Numbers

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Gifting by Numbers

A birthday? A christening? Christmas or just because? No matter what you are celebrating or which budget you have, My 1st Years have a perfect gift for every little boy and girl! Have a peek below and spoil a little bundle of joy!

Gifts under 25

If you’re looking for a classic present or just a little treat for a loved one then look no further than our selection of bunnies, hooded towels and booties. These gifts are beautiful and affordable, the best of both worlds!



Bunny £22                                                                Hooded Towels £26                                                Fawn Booties £20

Gifts under 50

Trying to up your gift game? Have a browse through our little home, robes and onesies! From characters to classic gingham options, there is something for everyone.  


Penguin Onesie £34                                                Rocking Chair £55                                                 Robes £30


Luxury Gifts

If you are looking for a gift to last a lifetime or something for an extra special occasion then indulge in one of our precious, luxury options below.


Ivory Cashmere Baby Blanket £150                      Personalised Toy Chest £120                              Children’s Bear Chair £90