Fleur De Force: Sleepless Nights & Nappy Explosions

March 2, 2018Celebrity, Lifestyle

So here we are, 2 months into being a parent… and I definitely feel like I’m starting to get into the swing of it! Minus a few sleepless nights, nappy explosions and tricky train journeys… the past few weeks especially have been notably uphill. The fuzzy fog of newborn-ness has faded, River has gotten into a nice little routine and we are starting to get to know each other properly. The smiles are coming in thick and fast now, and every time her little face lights up, it just makes my day. They used to be reserved for just Mike and I post-bath time, but now she’s smiling at everyone who takes the time to chat to her (as long as she’s not hungry or filling her nappy of course – then she’s got a brilliant furrowed-brow for them instead!) It’s so nice to see her come ‘alive’ a little more, and start interacting with the world. Her little eyes follow me around the room when we are at home, and when we are out and about she seems utterly transfixed with anything patterned or bright. Her world is definitely getting bigger by the day and it’s just magical to see her experiencing it all for the first time.

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Back to Work

Talking of experiencing it all… this month I’ve been easing myself back into work again, which means I’ve had to seriously up my organisation game – filming, writing and editing in between feeds is one thing, but planning ahead enough to express milk for days in London and travelling with her in tow has definitely been a learning process! (Leaky boobs from missing feeds is NOT something you want happening mid-meeting that’s for sure, and having to hand-express milk in bathrooms is becoming second nature at this point!) On the days she’s with me, I love having her as my little sidekick and when she’s at home with Mike or my Mum, it’s so lovely to see them spending time together and it makes coming home the best part of my day, no matter what I’ve been up to.


River’s First Holiday

This month we also ventured out on our first family holiday! A lot of you might think we are a little bonkers at this point… we had SO many questions both in the airport and while away, usually accompanied by comments like ‘Travelling with a 7 week old?! You’re brave!’. Mike and I have always wanted to make sure family life is an extension of our lives, rather than a total 180 of what we used to do before, so we were keen to get little River travelling with us as soon as possible. My parents booked a last minute skiing holiday a few weeks ago and after some deliberation, we decided to join them. The flight out to Austria is only an hour and a half, and it turns out she is a great little traveller! She slept straight through both flights and was really well behaved while we were away too (she seemed even more settled into a routine than when we are at home – must be the mountain air!) We were joined by another family who we know very well so there was an abundance of attention and cuddles waiting for her every day (and lots of helping hands when it came to getting through the airport too – perfect for the first time!) Everyone makes travelling with a baby seem so difficult and daunting, but at the moment I’m just making the most of her being so small and portable. I fully expect things to get a lot more tricky once she’s crawling, then walking, then talking and/or when another little one joins the clan – so why not make the most of it while we can?!


Fleur’s First Mother’s Day

Another big Mummy milestone that is rapidly approaching is my very first Mother’s Day. It’s only occurred to me whilst buying a card for my own Mum this weekend, that this was the first year I’m actually a Mum too. Obviously, at this age, it’s kind of up to Mike to make any plans when it comes to all that, but I’m looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day this year with both my Mum and River. If becoming a Mum has made me realise anything, it’s just how much your parents love you. You know they love you before you have a baby of course, but having one of your own makes you understand their feelings a little more – and it’s made me want to spoil my Mum, even more, this Mother’s Day!