Twins in vests

Everybody Loves Twins!

July 3, 2015Parenting, Real life, Uncategorised

Today we’re celebrating the beautiful childbirth phenomenon – and Schwarzenegger/DeVito film title – known as TWINS. Whether they’re identical, fraternal or conjoined, twins have a special place in all of our hearts, and invariably result in ‘squeee’s of delight whenever they’re announced to, or indeed by their parents.

Throughout history, twins have demonstrated a bond that simply can’t be duplicated elsewhere, and are lucky enough to be given a unique partner-in-mischief for their entire life. It can sometimes be difficult to explain the link that connects Twin A to Twin B; take the case of Jim Lewis and Jim Springer for instance – separated at birth, they lived entirely separate lives until being reunited at the age of 39, at which point they discovered that not only did they share similar tastes in food, music and cigarettes, but that each of their wives, children and pets had identical names as well – talk about freaky!

Twins can even avoid jail time when DNA evidence is involved – how can you prove that one genetically identical sibling did it over the other, when both deny any wrongdoing? (We’re sure Fred and George Weasley would have made full use of this loophole had they been Muggles. Or…you know, been real.) And let’s not forget that any cheeky pair of twins must have their own secret language in order to plan the next raid on the cookie jar, just like this little dastardly duo:

(Or perhaps they’re just discussing the missing sock situation.)

Twins can of course take a moment or two for others to process, whether it’s their own siblings…

Their aunt or uncle…

Or even their new adoptive parents…

But hey, if J-Lo, SJP and Brangelina can handle them, you can sign us up for a pair of rugrats too. Ours would definitely be worth the $14 million that Brad and Ange were paid for photos of Knox and Vivienne upon their birth…right?