Essential Songs for Your Labour Playlist

August 5, 2015Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Labour is usually filled with a fair amount of stress – the ups and downs that come with the initial excitement, followed by the frustrated waiting as the little one refuses to make an appearance – can take their toll on any new mother. And even if things do go smoothly, a labour playlist is an easy, yet effective idea to help get you relaxed and feel more at home in an unfamiliar hospital ward.

Aside from a simple distraction, research has shown that playing music can help calm your breathing and stabilise blood pressure, not to mention reduce the perception of pain – and the need for pain-relieving drugs. It’s therefore vital to pick only songs that you enjoy and which make you feel positive, as well as ones to suit the different moods you’ll experience throughout the – hopefully short – experience. Here are some of our universally loved favourites:

A beautifully country song from Dixie Chicks, this will help keep you calm and looking forward to the little bundle’s arrival.

Pachalbel’s ‘Canon in D Minor’ is famously anxiolytic – i.e. anxiety soothing – and will soothe your worries when the contractions start kicking in.

A fantastic tune for when you need some strengthening inspiration, Kanye West’s ‘Stronger’ is one of our all time favourites. Some of his lyrics are especially apt – “I need you to hurry up now, ’cause I can’t wait much longer!”

Just when you thought it was coming to an end, baby decides to take a rest again – typical. Pink’s ‘Glitter in the Air’ is a gorgeous tune for when your labour starts to drag.

And finally, the beautiful ‘Kissing’ is an ideal tune for that incredible moment when you’re handed the little one for the first time. We think the band’s name sums up the event perfectly – “Bliss”.

What would be your choice for a perfect labour playlist? Let us know in the comments below!