Easy Christmas Crafts for Children of All Ages

December 20, 2018Lifestyle, Things To Do

Crafting at Christmas is a wonderful way of spending time as a family when it’s too cold or rainy to head out of doors. Our children love to get their mitts on glue, tissue paper, paint and glitter, and it’s actually vital that they do so. Craft projects help them hone their essential fine-motor skills, plus it gives kids a great sense of pride and accomplishment to make something with their own two hands.

We parents treasure the works of art our little ones rustle up, as well as the memories we make when we’re working on projects together. Nothing warms our homes more at Christmas than hanging up the handmade ornaments and keepsakes made by our children over the years. That’s even more true when they start thinking they’re too old for Christmas crafts.

Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up a selection of some of our favourite Christmas craft projects for kids of all ages. You’ll have just as much fun getting stuck in as they do!

Christmas Crafts for Toddlers


Footprint Snowmen, Santas & Christmas Trees  

Even your very littlest ones can get involved with this simple project by Crafty-Crafted. All you need to get started are paints, pens and paper.

Simply paint the bottom of your little one’s foot in festive green and stamp their footprints onto a piece of paper. All of a sudden you have a Christmas tree shape! Add stars and baubles with finger paints or pens, plus whichever other decorations you like. If you stamp a white footprint on coloured paper then you can make a snowman, or even Santa’s long white beard.

Paper Plate Snowflakes 

This is a variation on the classic paper snowflake cut-outs you might remember from your own childhood. It was invented by Crafts on Sea, who chose paper plates because they’re more sturdy than ordinary paper.

All you need to do is fold a plate into eighths and then use scissors to snip out shapes. Unfold to reveal a pretty snowflake! If your child is old enough to use safety scissors they can cut out the shapes themselves. If not, as with toddlers, you can do the cutting for them and then let them loose to decorate. We recommend blue paint, white pompoms and silver sparkles. Just be sure to put your little one in a painting apron before the messy bit begins!

Christmas Crafts for 3-4 Year Olds


Pipe Cleaner Garlands  

Your pre-school-age children will take great pride in their creations, so it’s extra fun to make something they can hang on the tree themselves. We love this pipe cleaner garland project from Powerful Mothering because it’s so simple yet attractive. You just need a set of sparkly pipe cleaners: that’s it!

Mummy or Daddy can snip the pipe cleaners in half with a pair of pliers, then the little ones can get on with the rest. Just twist a pipe cleaner into a circle and then make another pipe cleaner circle that’s looped into the first. Keep going on and on and you have a chain garland that far outshines any bit of tinsel.

Melted Snowman Biscuits  

This baking-but-not-really project comes courtesy of MontessoriSoul. Their ingenious idea is to grab a set of pre-made biscuits (digestives are ideal) and let your children decorate them as they please with festive icing and sweeties.

Marshmallows, white icing and chocolate chips make for great ‘melted’ snowmen. There’s nothing hot or dangerous involved for parents to worry about, which is a relief. It takes away all the stress of a cooking project, which means it’s more appropriate for younger children but still yields the same delicious results.

Christmas Crafts for 5-7 Year Olds


Tissue Paper Wreath

Tissue paper is a versatile crafting classic which comes in handy for making a million different things. 5-7 year olds with a bit more patience than younger kids will get hours of fun from scrunched tissue paper ornaments and decorations. Take this Christmas wreath, for example, as seen at Happiness is Homemade.

Here, scrunched tissue paper is especially effective at mimicking actual foliage, which makes for a more polished look than you might expect from such a simple craft. It’s hard to mess up when all you need to do is stick bits of tissue paper to a cardboard circle. Just add a ribbon for hanging and maybe a pompom or two if you’re feeling fancy.

Cupcake Wrapper Christmas Trees

Older children could take on this project with very little help, which is great for boosting their independence. Sit them down at their own little work table and get them started making Tatertots and Jello’s cupcake wrapper Christmas trees. Just grab a big pile of (you guessed it) cupcake wrappers, a bit of card stock and some sticky tape. The idea is to make a cone out of the card stock and then stick the cupcake wrappers around it in layers.

The pleated design of the cupcake wrappers creates a nice branch-like effect around your ‘tree’. You can even add as many layers as you want for extra fluffiness. Let your child pick out some colourful patterned cupcake cases or just use plain cases and paint them up prettily when you’re done.