Create the perfect new baby gift basket: tips and ideas

January 19, 2023Uncategorised

New parents want one thing above all else: quality sleep. But seeing as you can’t gift wrap rest, the next best thing is an adorable new baby gift basket.

While you can buy pre-built gift baskets, putting together your own selection of presents is a super thoughtful way to surprise new parents. 

We’ve pulled together our best tips and ideas to help you create the perfect new baby gift basket.

How much are you expected to spend on a new baby gift basket?

Ah, the age-old question. ‘How much should I spend?’ 

It’s easy to think that the more expensive a gift, the better it is. When it comes to new baby gift baskets, that’s not the case. While quality is important, especially when shopping for items that a baby will use, putting together a gift shouldn’t break the bank. 

Baby hampers can cost hundreds of pounds if you choose top-of-the-range products, but you can also put them together using hand-me-downs or budget-friendly items. So, set a budget that fits your means, your closeness to the family and the type of gift you want to buy.

What to include in a new baby gift basket

Toys, nappies, a gift for mum, trinket boxes, rompers, shoes… The list goes on and on! There is so much to choose from, but the best gifts are thoughtful, personal and good quality.

When in doubt, lean on the tried-and-true four-gift rule. A favourite on social media, this little trick will make sure your gift selection is well-balanced and stop you from going overboard. 

  • Something they need: an item new parents can’t get through the day without
  • Something they’ll wear: this one’s quite self-explanatory!
  • Something they’ll read: good books are crucial to a child’s development
  • Something they want: typically a big ticket or luxury item that’ll make them smile

Something they need


Comforters are a must for any baby because they’re cuddly, cute and great for helping newborns drift off to sleep.

Sensory toy

Little learners need a bit of help adjusting to their surroundings and developing their senses. Sensory toys are designed with bright colours, lots of textures and sounds to help with just that!

Something they’ll wear

Newborn accessory set

New parents will love having a stylish selection of hats, mittens, dressing gowns and slippers to choose from. Splash out on a gift set or select one accessory to make their day.


Even the teeny, tiniest toes must be protected when out and about. A pair of sweet shoes are sure to delight new parents.

Something they’ll read


Newborns aren’t known for being great readers, but sensory flashcards make a fantastic alternative to books. They help stimulate developing minds, offering endless entertainment and improving newborns’ concentration and curiosity.

Board books

A must for any new baby, board books are educational, stimulating and cute. 

Something they want

Baby bed

All new parents want a portable, comfy and safe baby bed. Why not treat them to the Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed?

Cashmere blanket

A luxurious cashmere blanket will be treasured long beyond a newborn’s first years. They also feel delightful against babies’ sensitive skin.

Something for the parents

This category is technically not part of the four-gift rule, but it’s still important. New mums and dads are often overlooked in favour of their new bundle of joy, but they deserve a gift, too!

Let them know they’re loved with a pamper set, an offer to cook for them, or a bottle of wine they can enjoy together.

How to decorate a new baby gift basket

Even if your gifts don’t follow a cohesive theme, the right decorations can tie them together beautifully.

We recommend finding a sweet gift box or a rustic basket to present your gifts in. Simply pop your presents inside, arrange them carefully, and add a bit of charm with colourful tissue paper and a card.

Plus, you can add an extra special touch by personalising a couple of the presents. Adding a little one’s name or birthdate can turn a thoughtful new baby gift into a treasured keepsake.

If you create a new baby gift basket using our tips and tricks, don’t forget to tag us on social media!