Clean and Tidy: Bath Toy Storage Ideas

November 10, 2022Advice, How to, Parenting

Rubber duckies, sailing boats and bath books — your bathroom is full to bursting with adorable bath toys! But what are you meant to do with them once bathtime is over?

While it can be tempting to leave their toys in the bath (and, if we’re honest, there are times when we give into that temptation), tidying them away once they’re done having a splash gives you your bathroom back and allows the toys to dry properly.

Thankfully, there are countless fun, stylish and practical storage solutions available. Check out our favourites here.

What to look out for

Sadly, you can’t use any old basket or bin for storing bath toys. Here are three things to remember when shopping for bath toy storage.

Toys need room to try

When you don’t give bath toys a chance to dry, they can develop mould. Always opt for storage that provides good air circulation and allows any water to drain away quickly. This will reduce the chances of bacteria growing and keep bathtime safe and fun. 

Work with your space

If you have a smaller bathroom, you’ll want to look for storage options that don’t take up valuable room on the floor or countertops. Luckily, there are many clever products available that make use of the vertical space above the bath.

Water-resistant materials

Go for plastic or stainless steel storage options. These materials are your best bet for preventing mould as they’re water-resistant and easy to clean. You get bonus points if you can find a recycled plastic option!

8 amazing ways to store bath toys

Let’s jump into our favourite ways to store bath toys!


Net hammocks are perfect for keeping your bath toys free from mildew. Made with suction cups that stick onto the side of your bath or tiled walls, storage hammocks have large holes that let all the water left over from your little one’s bath time easily drain away. Simply bundle their toys into the hammock and leave them to dry as the water drips into the bath.


A super simple solution, you can place a caddy tray on top of the bath to store toys, soap and other bathtime must-haves like an adorable towelling mitt. This tray keeps all your little one’s favourite bits and bobs within reaching distance and can be used to store all their bath toys between washes.

Net bag

If your tot has a gigantic selection of toys, a net storage bag could be your best option for quick and easy tidying. Net bags are fantastic for smaller bathrooms because they can be tucked away inside your bath between uses. Stick the suction cups to the side of your bath to let the excess water drain away while keeping your bathroom tidy.

Baskets and bins

Baskets and bath toy storage bins come in various shapes and sizes, so you can pick the perfect option for your bathroom space. You can go for brightly coloured baskets to encourage your tot to help tidy up or choose a bin in a neutral tone that blends in with your bathroom decor. This Ubbi bin even comes with a draining rack!

Shower racks

For a budget-friendly storage option, repurpose your stainless steel shower racks. These metal storage racks and boxes are great for avoiding mildew and are perfect for making the most of smaller spaces.


A handy scoop basket serves a dual purpose. Firstly, you can dip it straight into the bath to pick up all their toys without having to fish them out individually. Then, once you’re done, you can stick the scoop to the wall or side of the bath to keep the room nice and tidy.

2-in-1 bath mat and basket

This clever design doubles up as a non-slip bath mat and a storage basket that you can quickly stick to the wall as your tot is drying off! We love this super-fun turtle design and bet your little one will too.

Have some fun!

Bathtime can be great fun for you and your tot, with lots to keep them entertained as you wash them, from toys to exciting bubbles. Embrace the joy of bathtime with a colourful and characterful storage option shaped like your tot’s favourite animal or character.

When bathtime is over

Once your tot is finished having a splash and the bathroom is spick and span, bundle them into a cosy dressing gown or pyjama set to get them ready for bed in moments.