What Christmas Means To Our Social Media Family

December 5, 2016Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Christmas is personal to everyone, whether it’s your family’s little traditions, how you and your friends celebrate or how you tell that special someone you love them over the festive period, we believe that no 2 are the same. Here at My 1st Years, we believe that is the magical part of this time of year. We have created a series of posts discovering what Xmas means to people we love, today we’re focusing on three members of our Social Media family.

– Christmas with Christina Loewen –

“For us, Christmas is about family. Our family is very on-the-go and we never really slow down to just enjoy each other’s company. Xmas time changes all of that for us, we start to do more activities that involve the whole family like baking, decorating, and watching holiday movies together…

After our daughter, Scarlett, was born we started having more fun with the Christmas season. We take her to see Santa Claus and build elaborate gingerbread houses that she immediately destroys. We pull her around in her sledge and then snuggle up in front of the fire in our Christmas pyjamas and read her stories. On Christmas Eve, we have a big chaotic family dinner which is full of love and laughter. On Christmas day, we have a slow morning of opening gifts and listening to our favourite Christmas soundtracks. We spend the whole day at home just enjoying being warm and cosy inside while the snow builds up outside. Everything is  so peaceful. For us, it is important to create these family traditions so that the holidays are as magical to Scarlett as they are to us.” – @christinaloewen

– Christmas with Nadja Mayr –


“For me, it is love, love and more love. A day spent with a warm and open heart with the people that mean everything and more to me, our family. It’s a day of joy.” – @nadjamayr

– Christmas with Leah Grufstedt –


“Christmas has always been a tradition in our family. The night before Christmas Day the whole family would gather around the Christmas tree and sit and talk about what we were grateful for, I want my son to grow up the same way appreciating life.

I remember waking up and to the smell of freshly baked saffron buns and quickly running out to the Christmas tree which was filled with gifts. That is something I want my son to wake up to as well.

Christmas for me, means family, happiness and joy. I lost the spirit of Christmas for a while, but since I’ve had my son it’s back a hundred times stronger.” – @mrsgrufstedt