6 Adorable Children’s Party Themes and Perfect Gift Ideas

March 6, 2019Celebrate with us, Party

When it comes to hosting your child’s birthday party, it can be hard to know where to start. If you want to give them a birthday they’ll never forget then choose a children’s party theme that’s guided by their own special interests. It’s also the perfect chance to let the little kid in yourself come out too! To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of 6 adorable children’s party themes and the perfect gift ideas to match.


teddy bear party themes

There’s something magical about the bond between a child and their teddy bear. From the comfort they bring to the sentimental value, it’s no wonder your little one is glued to their cuddly friend. So why not throw a teddy bears picnic for their next birthday celebration?

This adorable idea comes from the famous nursery rhyme that kids already know and love. Simply invite all their friends around with their favourite teddy bears in hand. You can inject some serious fun into the day by decorating cakes and biscuits with bear faces or even get the kids to decorate their own! Invest in a few pairs of bear ears and you’ll be sure to have some of the cutest photos. Have a few games ready for entertainment, for example a Teddy Bear hunt would be perfect or even a few rounds of pass the parcel (teddies join in too of course).

Perfect Gift idea: Personalised Large Bear Soft Toy



dino party themes

For the ones obsessed with all things dinosaurs. They can rattle off the names of dozens of creatures and know the difference between a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor. If you’ve got a dinosaur expert on your hands then there’s nothing more exciting than a dinosaur themed birthday party!

Take it back to the pre-historic ages and decorate the room with real or fake plants as if it’s transformed into a rainforest. You could even take it one step further and create dinosaur footprints from coloured paper for that extra special touch. Make it a real roaring party with a selection of dinosaur snacks and hide some ‘dino eggs’ all over the garden for a fun treasure hunt game.

Perfect Gift idea: Personalised Grey Dinosaur Robe



fairies and unicorns party themes

A magical fairies and unicorns birthday party is always a crowd favourite. Especially when they get to dress up in their much-loved fairy wings! Bring the fantasy to life by hosting it in an enchanted forest (aka your local park) with plenty of balloons, confetti, sparkles and rainbows.

Beautifully decorated cupcakes are a must-have and of course a rainbow cake will make the birthday girls day. Get everyone involved by making their own flower crowns and wands or even some face painting if you’re feeling creative. Finish it all off with some special bags of pixie dust as the perfect party favour.

 Perfect Gift idea: Personalised White Unicorn Robe



safari party themes

Your cheeky little monkey will fall in love with the idea of going on safari for their birthday party.  Transform your home into a mini jungle with inflatable palm trees and green streamers all over. Make sure you have plenty of toy binoculars and safari hats on hand to let their imagination run wild. Kick off the adventure with a safari scavenger hunt or even a round of animal charades to discover who can make the best animal noises. Finally, what would a safari party be without a game of ‘Pin the Tail on the Zebra’! You’ll be sure to have them giggling away with all the excitement.

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disney princess party themes

It’s no secret that every little girl dreams of becoming a Disney Princess. Make her dreams come true on her birthday with this adorable theme. Invite their friends to come along dressed as their favourite princess whether its Cinderella, Belle, Pocahontas or Jasmine. On arrival, everyone gets their own paper crown to wear with plenty of glitter (only the best for a princess of course).

Have a playlist ready with all their favourite Disney hits to encourage sing-alongs throughout the day. Treat them to a special reading of some magical fairy-tale stories and bring their characters to life. To finish it all off, create the perfect princess cake decorated with pink icing and sparkles.

Perfect Gift idea: Personalised Disney Dumbo ‘My Little Keepsakes’ Box



race car party themes

A race car inspired birthday party may just be the most fun a kid can have! Invite their fellow race car drivers over to speed around the backyard with a few perfectly placed stop signs and traffic lights. With all that racing around they’ll be sure to work up an appetite so create your own ‘pit stop’ table with plenty of party snacks and drinks to help them fuel up. Traffic light fruit skewers are a simple, easy and healthy snack your guests will love.

You can also set up a race car building station where they can get creative and design their own car. Have a few cardboard race tracks on hand to invite some friendly competition.

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