How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as New Parents

February 9, 2020Advice, Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Gift Inspiration, Gifts, How to, Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Things To Do

Tips to make the most of your first Valentine's with a new baby!

As new parents, the focus in your relationship shifts from being all about each other, to all about the shiny new life that you created together. The pressures of early parenthood, sleepless nights and 4am nappy changes can leave little room for romance. As corny as it sounds, Valentine’s Day can be an easy opportunity to reconnect as a couple and to remind each other that you share more than the responsibility of keeping your new arrival alive. If you’re feeling too tired to think of what to do, we’ve put together a few ideas to help you celebrate this day together, whatever you feel up to. 

Sweat the small stuff 


For many couples, Valentine’s Day pre-baby is an excuse for romantic declarations and complicated dates. Post-baby, even the smallest gestures can have a big impact. Think about little ways to make your partner’s day that much easier, like getting up earlier to bring them a coffee in bed or covering their turn on the night feed. You don’t need to exchange fancy gifts to show that you really love and understand each other. 

Take some time off


We get it, parenting is a full-time job, but you deserve some time off. It’s ok to call in some help, whether it’s a family member or your local babysitter. Take this time to remember who you are as a couple, outside of your roles as parents. You could check out that new bar that’s opened around the corner or enjoy a meal without balancing a baby on one knee or – what matters is that you’re spending quality time together alone. 

Staying in is the new going out 


Take the pressure off from doing something super fancy and cosy up together at home. You can finally catch up on that series you keep falling asleep halfway through or watch that film you were too pregnant to enjoy when it came out in cinemas. For bonus points, order your favourite takeaway meal so you don’t have to worry about who’s going to do the washing up later.  

Get baby involved


If a night in without your baby is a complete no-no (and if we’re realistic, we know it is) then there’s no reason why you can’t still make it a special night. Tackle bath time as a team with matching hotel-style white waffle robes, and wrap up your little one in their very own

Make a night of it


Valentine’s Day may traditionally be about romantic love, but your partner isn’t the only one who deserves your time and attention. Whether your friends are single, married, have children or don’t, invite a group over who you haven’t seen in a while. After all, you could both probably benefit from spending a bit more time with humans who have already learned how to talk. 

Gift with love


For a thoughtful gift for your partner, our ‘Daddy & Me’ photo frame features a 4”x5” frame, perfectly sized for little footprints.We know you already think that your baby’s feet are the cutest things you’ve ever seen, but have you ever considered how one foot looks like half a heart? Use your baby’s footprints to create a love heart for a unique gift to mark your first Valentine’s with the little person who your love created.